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Rose athletes dig into beach volleyball

WED.| 5-3-23 | SPORTS

Sports Staff Writer JORDYN GODWIN

     The sport of beach volleyball has been around for over 100 years, originating in Hawaii in 1915 and growing in popularity until becoming an official Olympic sport in 1996. This growth in the sport’s following has made its way to Greenville, and is seen in the Rose beach volleyball team.
     Rose beach volleyball isa club team, which means it is not an official school sport, but is still affiliated with Rose. The team is not new to Rose, but it is still very obscure and not as popular as indoor volleyball.
     “Beach volleyball is a very fun sport, especially in the competitive aspect,” freshman Taylor Loesner
     Loesner plays for the Junior Varsity (JV) indoor volleyball team at Rose. She has played volleyball since fifth grade and when she got to high school, she decided to give beach volleyball a try.
     “[My favorite part] is you get more touches than indoor [volleyball] and it’s more fun in the sand,” Loesner said.


Photo by Owen Simmons  

Freshman Taylor Loesner prepares to return the ball back over the net at beach volleyball practice. She plays with freshman Macy West.

     Although beach volleyball and indoor volleyball seem to be the same sport, there are many things that differentiate them. The main difference is the courts, indoor being played on a hard floor, while beach is played in the sand. Beach volleyball courts are the smaller of the two, which correlates with the number of people on a team. Beach volleyball is played in pairs, which is a third as many as the six on an indoor volleyball court.
     “[In beach] you can’t use your fingers, you have to tip with your knuckles and the set has to be perfectly clean,” Loesner said.

     The team, coached by Danny Callis, plays against teams such as Conley, New Bern, Croatan and Swansboro, traveling to New Bern and sometimes Apex almost every Saturday. Unlike Rose indoor volleyball, the beach volleyball team consists of both girls and boys. However, girls and boys teams do not play against each other in games/tournaments.
     “It’s always girls against girls, but there are boys teams too,” Loesner said.
      The team practices at Boyd Lee Park every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. Practicing keeps them conditioned and prepared for competition.
     “We scrimmage each other and do drills to get ready for tournaments,”Loesner said.
     Beach volleyball continues to grow and influence players of all ages, especially at Rose. It also teaches them life skills and lessons they will use in the future.
     “[Its taught me] to stay strong and to stay mentally prepared for everything,” Loesner said.

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