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     Starting something new is not always easy, especially starting later than most. For senior Jahnae Roach, growing a love for Rampant Lines exceeds the limit of only taking journalism for two semesters.

     During Roach’s sophomore year, she was involved in yearbook. As she found her rhythm, she decided to switch from yearbook to pursue her passion for writing in journalism. 

     “My sophomore year, I was in yearbook but I only liked the writing part, I didn’t like taking pictures,” Roach said. “So I signed up for journalism and it was cool.”



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     Writing goes beyond a school assignment or even hobby for Roach. With each word she writes, she is able to let out emotions which has guided her through her healing journey.

     “I love writing, writing is one of the things I use to cope, for example, when my dad died last year, all I ever did was write after that, … writing has always helped with anything I found stressful or frustrating, even challenging,” Roach said. “I would get any random notebook and a pencil then I would write, write how I feel about an issue, what that issue is and what I could do to make it less stressful and not worry as much.”

      Although writing and developing her skills was a major part of journalism for Roach, she was also taught how to grow as a person and find a bit of laughter through the harder days.

     “I really enjoyed it, the people were funny, Mrs. Hutch always got mad, … and it was just really fun,” Roach said. “Journalism taught me to be social, I’m a really anti-social person and every time I have taken journalism, a lot of people in that class are outspoken, and I’m the total opposite.”

     As she started her second semester, she ventured out of the normal roles to undertake a job that had never been done before for Rampant Lines: comics. Opinion Editor Jack Albritton emphasizes the new flair newspapers have had this semester as comics have begun playing a role in the creation process. 

     “Before the comics, the papers were a lot more boring to look at because it was just a lot of text and there wasn’t a lot of visuals to break it up,” Albritton said. 

     The addition of comics has introduced Roach’s forte. Along with the benefits of showcasing her artistic talent, accompanying judgements from surrounding peers follow. 

     “A lot of people have different opinions, and I tend to take in every single one of those opinions, and it’s just frustrating to do what you want to do and to do what other people want [you] to do,” Roach said. 

     Roach’s contributions extend beyond designing comics for every issue. Her dedication with creating a new art for journalism has made her a key component behind the success of the newspaper this semester. Roach has given Rampant Lines new life and freshness with every comic she creates. 

     “I really think [she] has made our paper more like an actual newspaper because when you think of not a school paper … you think of a comic,” Albritton said. “Since this is the first time we have had one, it makes Rampant Lines more like a legitimate paper.”

     Knowing all that Roach has accomplished and brought to journalism in a short amount of time has introduced a variety of emotions to her as her senior year comes to an end. 

     “I’m scared of new places, new people, I’m just anxious and I don't really like being around new environments,” Roach said. “I feel sad for leaving journalism because it's pretty cool [and] it's a fun class.” 

     Although Roach has realized how leaving journalism and a familiar place is going to be tough, she is looking forward to her future and what the next chapter of her life will bring her. 

     “Leaving school, I am excited, it's an exciting feeling,” Roach said. “I plan on going to [Pitt Community College] for two years to get my certificate in business, and then I’m going to Carteret Community College in Morehead to get my associate's degree in culinary and open my business.” 

     With all being said, journalism has contributed to helping Roach find the ability to thrive in a competitive environment even while being more reserved than her peers. She will continue advocating journalism to her peers at Rose. 

     “[I recommend journalism], it’s fun, you get to meet new people and create bonds with people,” Roach said. “... Honestly be you, be yourself, don’t be shy like I am, and don’t hold back.”

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