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Recent releases prove page turners


     In this article, I will summarize three newly released books that I feel would be interesting to many readers. In genres like historical fiction, children's literature, and fantasy fiction, I would consider these books to be very entertaining and partly informative.    

     If you are not into chapter books, then I think that in honor of Black History Month, History of Me, written by Adrea Theodore, would be a great book for you. It was published on Jan. 4th and was inspired by what Theodore herself, as well as her daughter, have experienced, as she was the only black girl in her elementary school. History of Me is meant to encourage and empower both her daughter and children all around the world, explaining to them that people of color are more than their skin. The book also focuses on how the history of people of color can be viewed in the eyes of those who are not of the same race once slavery was brought up by Theodore's teacher and viewed by her peers who were not of color. I would recommend this book because I like knowing what other people face in certain situations and how they overcome their challenges.

    Another interesting book, Echoes and Rhodes, published Jan. 4th, is another book I would recommend in the fantasy fiction section. The book is about a 17-year-old-girl, Josslyn Drake, who becomes infected with magic at the Met Gala of

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Isadora, the Queen of the empire. She teams up with Jerico Nox, who is a criminal. She accepted his offer to work with him, knowing that the practice of magic could have led to her death, in hope that the magic might be removed from her. Although I am not a big fan of fantasy fiction I think that this book deserves a rating of 3.2 out of 5 because of how it has an interesting plot. I like how Drake teams up with Nox to remove from her what is considered to be dangerous and deadly. I feel like instead of magic being the deadly thing, it could have been something more dramatic to make the book more interesting and possibly create a different ending.

     Released on Feb. 1, I Must Betray You is another book I recommend. It is based on the time period of 1989, in Communist Romania. It is written by historical fiction author Ruta Sepetys from the point of view of a 17-year-old, Christian Florescu. Florescu´s dream is to become a writer because of his love for English and poetry. In the story, Romanians are not allowed to have their own freedom but are controlled by rules enforced by the dictator, Nicolea Ceaușescu. Florescu is eventually blackmailed by one of the secret agents after he discovers evidence that Florescu committed treason. Florescu joins the revolution of young individuals with his friends so Romanians can live their dreams and have a voice fighting for what they believe in. I would rate this book a 4.9 out of 5 because I personally enjoy the setting of the book. I feel like it is very entertaining and teaches about the things that occurred in Romania during the novel´s time period while creating realistic characters. 

     If you do decide to purchase any of these books, I would highly recommend I Must Betray You because of its history-related setting. I feel like the authors of all three of these books did an excellent job of creating the characters in their books. 

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