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September 27th, 2019

Rampant band marches to win in Havelock

TUES. | 11-16-21 | NEWS

     On Oct. 30, the Rose marching band competed against 22 other bands at the Havelock Marching Band competition. Each band competed for eight minutes straight while being graded on multiple factors by six judges. 

    One of the categories the marching band was graded on was content, which is how complex the performance is. The other categories of scoring are based on how interesting it is, how dynamic it is, and lastly the execution of the content.

     Matthew Howard is in charge of the marching band. Howard has taught at Rose for nine years and has been in charge of the marching band since he arrived. The marching band and Howard have been working hard to prepare for the competition.

     “We’ll go play our show that we’ve been working on this season that we started working on in August, and we have been learning and perfecting an 

marching band

Photo contributed by Matthew Howard

an eight-minute show with music and marching,” Howard said. 

     The band has practiced for the competition since early August. They have multiple practices a week after the school day is over while still practicing for events that will happen later this school year. Examples of other events they prepare for are the football games and parades.

     “We rehearse for two full weeks before school starts and learn all the basics of marching band and start learning the show, and then over the course of the season between school starting and now we rehearse three days a week after school and then we have football games we play at,” Howard said.

     The marching band has to practice how the music will sound, the visual effects such as marching and “general effect”, which is how well the band does what they set out to achieve.

     One thing some of the marching band members experience is pressure. They’ve been preparing for two months to play for eight minutes. Handling the pressure and having a performance that they are proud of was the main goal for Howard and the marching band.

     The marching band was also glad to have new uniforms to wear at the competition. 

     “We just got new ones [uniforms] for the fall of 2019, we wore them then in 2019 and were wearing them again this year,” Howard said.

     Howard expected Rose to win their competition because he knew that they were capable and well-rehearsed.

     “I'm expecting us to represent ourselves well; I have told my students all year that if we play as well as we are capable, we're gonna win our class,” Howard said. “I have no doubts about that.”

     Conley also attended the marching band competition, Howard said there will be a “good close competition”.

Rose then went on to win the competition, winning best in their class..

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