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Queen cover art is both cool and questionable


     Queen is a well-known and loved rock band that was established in 1970 and has released numerous hit albums and singles over the course of their successful career. They are well-known for songs such as “Bohemian Rhapsody”, “Don’t Stop Me Now” and “Somebody to Love”. Their lead singer, Freddie Mercury, is especially famous for his charismatic personality, impressive voice range, stage persona and recently uncovered relationship with Jim Hutton. 

​     The albums Queen has released have a range of cover art styles used to convey their themes. They generally are pretty well-designed, but there are a

Queen Album Covers.png

Graphic by Safi Waqas

few I dislike from a purely artistic standpoint. I am going to review my top 3 and bottom 3 Queen album covers. Remember that this is purely based on the cover art, not the music within the album.

     I am going to rate my favorite and least favorite albums in this order: third, second, then Most Hated; then third, second, and Most Favorite. I have also made a tier list ranging from (best to worst) S, A, B, C, D and L to show my rankings for every album, not just the top and bottom three. 

     Let’s move on to the rankings!

     In third place for worst cover art is: “The Miracle”. That album cover is just plain creepy. All the members' heads are merged together into a 4-faced abomination that stares into your soul. Though the color scheme is acceptable with the blue and orange complementary color contrast, the mushed together faces are just so… vulgar. 

     In second place for worst album art is: “Sheer Heart Attack”. Every single thing in that picture is on 200 percent saturation. Why? The classic four-member photo has been dipped in buffalo sauce and splattered on a black background. On top of that, the title is in bright red and haphazardly thrown on top of the deep-fried photo. If the colors and placement of the text were better, then the album would not be ranked so poorly but alas, it is not.

     In first place for worst album cover art is: “Flash Gordon”! It's not even atrocious or anything. It is just so plain and boring. There’s absolutely zero character in it. It is just a giant yellow square with boring red text over it saying “Flash Gordon”. On top of that, the text is annoyingly off-center, and there is a giant, awkward, yellow space under it doing nothing but being ugly. They could’ve done literally anything else. -10/10

     Alright! Those are my least favorite album covers from Queen. Now I will rate my top 3 album covers!

     In third place for best cover art is: “The Works”. Unlike “The Miracle”, “The Works” composes a photo of all four band members in a tasteful way that gives off many emotions. All the members sitting on the ground hunched together gives a feeling of vulnerability and closeness, and the shadows behind quite literally loom over their heads. As a photo, it is wonderful in conveying the message that the members rely on each other in dark times and feel close. It is definitely also a good cover composition-wise, as the red text at the top fits into the black and white photo well and is placed nicely on the picture.

     In second place for best cover art is: “Made in Heaven”. I don’t even know where to start with this image. The iconic Freddie Mercury pose, the blue sunrise colors, the silhouettes of a house next to water; they are all perfect. The picture has the most invigorating balance of inspiration and tranquility mixed together, like a journey that has just begun, even though it was their last album. I could not think of a better cover to end with.

     In first place for best cover art is: *drumroll* …………… “Queen”. Yes, the album is just named “Queen”. It was their first album, and it is beautiful. It has a violet theme across the entire image, and I love color consistency. The violet is on the reddish side rather than blue, and it adds a sense of warmth to the photo even though it is violet themed. The bright lights and purples contrasting with the dark outline is dramatic and, on top of that, the bright spotlight shining down on Freddie Mercury perfectly mirrors his dramatic flair during performances. On top of that, the font and style for the text is also a nice, warm, violet color and is placed in a relatively good spot compared to their other albums. 

     Overall, most Queen albums are well known and iconic for the music within, but it is also important to appreciate the art that holds together the artistry of the legendary band we all know and love: Queen.

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