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Cheer champions

WED| 5-24-23 | SPORTS

Sports Staff Writer Jahnae Roach

     Cheerleading is a very popular sport among schools across the nation, with over thousands of teams in the United states alone. The American Association of Cheering Coaches and Advisors (AACCA) and the National Council for Spirit Safety and Education (NCSSE) are well-known organizations in modern competitive cheerleading.

     Two Rose juniors, Bailey Popovich and Abby Gosnell, won the level three grand championship for cheerleading, which means the team beat every division one and two level three team at the competition. They have been cheering for 13 and 11 years and both had different reasons to start cheering, but the same reasons to continue. They both have future plans involving cheer. Gosnell wants to cheer at University of North Carolina Wilmington and Popovich is thinking of cheering at East Carolina University. One of few senior cheerleaders, Jaquise Hatfield is going to cheer at North Carolina A&T.



Graphic by Owen Simmons

     Most of the competitive cheering competition is located in Atlanta. Cheering is a sport that requires not only a lot of teamwork, hardwork and effort but also a positive attitude and a variety of skills with the right amount of motivation and focus.

     “[I am] motivated by us all having to work together and pushing each other throughout the routine,” Gosnell said.

     Cheerleading is so important to many people. It's important because of the friendships and bonds you build with your team that might last for a lifetime. The rewarding part of being on a great team is celebrating with the team once you know you've won and knowing that all that hard work has finally paid off.

     “[It’s important] really because of the friendships and just all the relationships you build with your teammates,”Popovich said.

     In the sport of cheering, there is always room for things you can improve on. For example, not giving up because you can’t do it or it's hard. Many people are motivated in different ways and inspired by different people. Some members of the team are motivated by the team’s accomplishments and bond that they have built over the years. While others are inspired by the individual members because they do their part the best they can and push people who need to be pushed. One of the main sources of motivation for Rose cheerleaders is Coach Moe. She came into the cheering game late, but she stepped in and pushed them to be better.

     “I learned that you have to progress a lot and you can’t just give up cause something isn’t working,” Popovich said.

     The team always has positive attitudes and good energy because of what they call powerhouse. Powerhouse is where the girls come together and are able to talk about some issues they are having even if it is not school related. They are comfortable to do so because they have trust in one another. Coach Moe would just allow them to let it all out and no matter what, she is always there to support them.

     “She would just allow us to express ourselves, I mean it is a group of girls that all have common interests [and it is a positive feeling],” Hatfield said.

     Most of the girls consider cheer more of a sisterhood than anything because you have girls who all have something in common. It might be one thing but because of that one thing, you're able to build a bond together.

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