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Powderpuff proves to be a fun night for all

THURS.| 10-27-22 | SPORTS

     Powderpuff is a football game at Rose for female student-athletes to play in while the male students’ role is reversed and they are the cheerleaders. 

     To start the night off, the seniors played the freshmen and in a surprising turn of events, the freshmen beat the seniors to head into the championship game. 

     Going into the championship, the freshmen played well as a team and individually. The final score of the first game was 28-14. Freshman Clara Evans, the wide receiver, led the team to victory by scoring two touchdowns with the help of her teammates. She has played football with her dad and brother ever since she was a young child. Evans plays indoor volleyball for Rose as well as a beach volleyball team. She believes that these sports prepared her to play well in this game. 

     “I feel like we all contributed [to winning the game] as a whole,” Evans said. “My most memorable moment was when we beat the seniors and all crowded the field.”

     While the freshmen played their hardest in the championship, they came up short 14-0 against the juniors. Both teams had only one hour of practice


Photo by Emmy Ingalls

prior to the game.

     “I think we lost because most of the girls didn’t have experience playing and we just weren’t that prepared for how good Lauryn Taylor was,” Evans said.

The juniors really took the night by a storm winning two straight games, 35-14 in their first game against the sophomores. Junior Lauryn Taylor, the running back, played outstandingly well the entire night, scoring five touchdowns in total. Taylor plays soccer for Rose and for a club team in Wilmington. Taylor has always liked watching football and she even plays the turkey bowl with her friends for Thanksgiving. 

     “I was kind of nervous playing the sophomores because I’ve played soccer with a couple of them and they know my strengths,” Taylor said. 

     Taylor was nervous to play the sophomores but she feels that the biggest competition she faced that night was the freshmen team. She believes that since they were smaller, they were faster and more agile.

     “I consider myself a competitive athlete,” Taylor said. “I'm a competitive person in nature so I always try to win.”

     Both Taylor and Evans are competitive and going into the powderpuff championship, they both had a mindset of winning but still having fun while they played.

     “I took [the game] seriously, especially in the junior game but I was mostly there to have fun,” Evans said.

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