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Peacock TV provides new streaming opportunities 


     At the beginning of the new year, Netflix removed one of the most beloved shows ever to be streamed on the platform: The Office. As one of the many superfans of this show, it was disheartening to see the show be removed from Netflix. But there is light at the end of the tunnel for committed viewers of The Office. A new streaming service known as Peacock TV, from the NBCUniversal platform, will be taking over the streaming of the show starting in 2021. 

     Peacock TV is different from most streaming platforms as it has three 


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different plans: a free plan  with commercials, a $5 per month subscription with more shows and movies to choose from and a $10 a month subscription with even more shows and movies as well as ad-free streaming. Although NBCUniversal is entering the streaming service market late, I can see Peacock TV emerging as a frontrunner as 2021 continues on, especially for those reluctant to pay for streaming services or superfans of The Office. 

     Peacock TV is a NBCUniversal platform, so the majority of the shows and movies for streaming are produced by either NBC or Universal. Some of the more popular shows not found on other streaming platforms include Below Deck, Psych, The Harry Potter Series and many more programs available for free viewing currently. Peacock TV mixes it up though, each week having different premium programs offered for free viewing. I see this as a great opportunity for Peacock TV to surpass other streaming platforms with the variety of programs and the special offers, especially the weeks that The Office is offered on the free version of Peacock TV, as some series only offered at certain times for free. 

     When I first found out it would be streamed on Peacock TV, I was hesitant to try out the new streaming service. In early March, I finally decided I would give the platform a chance. After going through the quick and easy signup process, I was stunned with the amount of shows and movies offered. Shows I have always wanted to watch — such as Modern Family and Psych—but have never been able to find on a streaming platform were available on Peacock TV. Especially with it being a NBCUniversal owned company, as they tend to be strict when it comes to streaming their shows and movies for free. This was a game changer for me when using Peacock TV for the first time, as I was extremely impressed with the variety of the content on the new streaming platform. 

     I would almost go as far to say that Peacock TV will be able to compete with other streaming platforms in the future such as Hulu and PrimeVideo, but only time will tell for the young yet promising Peacock TV. The free streaming that Peacock TV offers is what makes me believe it will be able to flourish in an increasingly streaming-heavy industry that we see throughout the world today. Very few programs offer free streaming with the strength of content that Peacock TV does, and that is what makes it a favorite for me in the world of online streaming. Overall, I would say for those who have never looked into it, give it a try.

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