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September 27th, 2019

Partnership prepares students

THURS. | 03-31-22 | NEWS

     Pitt County Schools is now offering free online tutoring through their new partnership with Assistant superintendent Dr. Steve Lassiter worked closely with Pitt County Schools’ kindergarten through twelfth-grade directors to discuss whether this new partnership would be beneficial for students. After deciding to launch this program, it was made available for schools across the county. This opportunity was announced to Rose students on Friday, Feb. 25 on the Rose Student Services page on Canvas.

     Rose’s lead guidance counselor, Christa Monroe, and her fellow guidance counselors contribute to this partnership by ensuring that every student at Rose is informed of this free tutoring opportunity that they are now able to access online. 

     “The district has launched this tutoring program, and it is simply as easy as clicking on and creating an account,” Monroe said. “Once students create an account, the site will give you the opportunity to connect with a tutor and from there, there are various subjects that they can choose from to receive that 24/7 tutoring.”

     The decision to make this opportunity available for all students mainly stemmed from the struggles that many students are experiencing after coming off of virtual learning. With the 2021-2022 school year being the first year that the entire student body has returned to school,


Photo by A'nyia Clemons

many students are still trying to readjust to the in-person learning environment.

     “While they were virtual, some students really worked hard, but others did not work as hard,” Monroe said. “There’s a lot of concepts that students have missed to make them successful in a classroom, so will help them pick up on those things that they may have been lacking in, and it will also eliminate excuses seeing as you get this help for free.”

     Monroe believes this program will be a good addition to the learning structure at Rose because it provides students with personalized one-on-one assistance when struggling with a specific topic. She believes that will be significantly different from tutoring offered in person by teachers and clubs at Rose because it is on demand, meaning students can access it anytime and anywhere.

     “Face-to-face tutoring that our teachers and clubs offer is mainly after school or it may not necessarily be one-on-one,” Monroe said. “Also, students could receive some help during Refresh, but Refresh is mainly meant for students to catch up rather than receive full-on tutoring because you have a lot of kids in the classroom, so with, you will be the only person that the online tutor is working with.”

     This new program will serve as an extension of the in-person tutoring sessions already in place at Rose. While online and in-person tutoring serve their own purposes, they are both important for students to be able to have.

     “ will be a good supplement and additional support for students to have, so when teachers aren’t very accessible, these online tutors will be accessible,” Monroe said. “However, I believe that face-to-face is very important, and if you have that opportunity, it would be good to utilize it.”

     Monroe recommends this opportunity to every student at Rose, seeing as it’s free and it will not negatively affect students. Monroe advises students to watch the student intro video posted with the tutoring announcement on Canvas to learn more about and the programs that they offer.

     “The website itself is self-explanatory and easy to walk through,” Monroe said. “I would encourage all students to try it out and see how it works even if they may not need tutoring in anything, mainly to see what it looks like from a student perspective.”

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