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college app fees

SAT. | 10-15-22 | OPINION

Co-Editor-In-Chief Cecelia Batton covers the death of Queen Elizabeth, the wonderful life she lived, and the legacy she left behind.


TUES. | 10-11-22 | OPINION

Opinion staff writer Darren Powell discusses his aspect on Reform and why it is unfair to make students write such a vast amount of sentences for being late or forgetting to sign up for Refresh. 



Rants & Raves

Tired of admin yelling.

Some people don't know how to drive. 

Why are announcements never on time?

HOSA is a great club.

I hate being forced to stay in the cafeteria.

Mr. Flinchbaugh is a great o-linemen.

The library is underrated!

Ms. Berry
is the best teacher!

Where are the school nurses?

So many cars with parking
passes have gotten stickered.

Why are the stalls in some of the bathrooms literally 4 feet tall 

Speed bumps behind school are awful

Flexibility of refresh is great,
but so stressful.

Rampant Rants and Raves are contributed by students and do not reflect the opinions of the Rampant Lines staff. Submit rants on Twitter or Instagram @rampantlines or e-mail them to

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SAT. | 10-15-22 | OPINION

Entertainment Co-Editor Jake Bradsher discusses the recent shoplifting in stores in Arlington Village. 


TUES. | 10-11-22 | OPINION

Opinion Editor Abby Ershadi reviews the school board's recent decision that has seemed to lessen the value of Valedictorian. 

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