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OPINION PAGE 2 (2021-2022 1st Semester)

(liv) birth control infographic.jpg

TUES. | 11-16-21 | OPINION

Entertainment Co-Editor Liv Carpenter gives their opinion on why birth control should be free and easily accessible to all women. They reason that women should not have to suffer financially for a biological occurrence they have no control over.

Why do we need more translators in schools-2.png

MON. | 11-15-21 | OPINION

Staff Writer Edie Yount explains why she believes that foreign language translators should be more widely available for non-English-speaking students at Rose.

Is the News telling us the whole truth.png

SUN. | 11-14-21 | OPINION

Opinion Editor Jake Bradsher explains the danger of false news and how it is more common than people think. He discusses the contagiousness of false information on the internet and how it needs to change.


SAT. | 11-13-21 | OPINION

Entertainment Co-Editor Harry Albritton reminisces about the long-empty Rose cafeteria and comments on the social and academic consequences of students not being able to eat lunch in it or choose their lunch period.

Jake senate graphic.png

WED. | 11-10-21 | OPINION

Opinion Editor Jake Bradsher gives his opinion on the annual North Carolina Senate race that takes place in teacher Liza Knight's AP U.S. Government class. He also reveals the winner and how the process to winning works.


THURS. | 11-04-21 | OPINION

Entertainment Co-Editor Harry Albritton discusses the lack of diversity among members of SGA, and how it is a huge problem that needs to be addressed.

Texas Abortion Law.jpg

WED. | 11-03-21 | OPINION

Staff Writer Edie Yount shares her opinions on the controversial Texas abortion law, which she believes is unconstitutional and robs women of their dignity, well-being, and freedom of choice.


Rants & Raves

The football team is killing it

Follow William's dog on Instagram

Is The Shining a Christmas movie?

Wear your red scarves

Christmas break is longer, but not long enough

What's with all the JHR Instagram accounts

Some clubs are doing too much

Why is next semester so long

Thank goodness the toilet paper got restocked

Water in bathroom is too cold

Why are the stalls in some of the bathrooms literally 4 feet tall 

Speed bumps behind school are awful

Why do our sports always make it far but never win

Rampant Rants and Raves are contributed by students and do not reflect the opinions of the Rampant Lines staff. Submit rants on Twitter or Instagram @rampantlines or e-mail them to


TUES. | 11-02-21 | OPINION

Opinion Editor Jake Bradsher explains the struggle of last years' hybrid learning and how he prefers all face-to-face learning. He talks about how he enjoys group work and getting to connect with his classmates.

(Liv) Dress Code 2.jpg

MON. | 11-01-21 | OPINION

Entertainment Co-Editor Liv Carpenter shares their opinions on Rose's dress code, which they believe is overly restrictive and creates unrealistic expectations for students.

Halloween Graphic.png

WED. | 10-27-21 | OPINION

Co-Editors-in-Chief Emma Hastings and William Becker provide advice on how to make the best of your Halloween experience. It includes Halloween costume ideas and party tricks to better your night.

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