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September 27th, 2019

NHS institutes tutoring service at C.M. Eppes

SUN. | 01-31-21 | NEWS

SAT. | 10-10-20 | NEWS

      On Thursday, Dec. 3rd, junior Eleanor Blount teamed up with Rose National Honor Society (NHS) and C.M. Eppes Middle School (CME) to create a virtual tutoring program for middle school students. The NHS and CME tutoring program engages active members of NHS with sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students through offering free 25 minute long math tutoring services after school twice a week.

     “It was brought to my attention that many middle school students haven’t taken online courses [before],” Blount said. “This issue alone helped me come up with the idea to start a tutoring service but after spending more time thinking, I realized that students who cannot afford private tutoring services are put at a further disadvantage.”

     Blount’s ability to recognize the dilemmas of virtual learning motivated her to find a way for middle school students to receive support with their work. She was able to team up with math instructional coach Gail Clark and CME principal Kim Harris to construct a plan for the program. Together, they decided that this will be a very helpful program and that the program should begin right away.

      “I think that this will be very beneficial because students, when they need extra help, sometimes don't have the capabilities of getting a tutor,” Clark said. “With this program the services are there for them and if they use it, it will be very beneficial.”

Graphic by Annie Sullivan

     Not only have teachers seen the academic benefits but also the social benefits. During these times social interactions are limited, these tutoring sessions have become an opportunity to safely communicate with others during a pandemic. 

     “To be able to talk to somebody while doing their work can help students feel more successful,” Clark said. 

     Another aspect of this program is how accessible it is to students through the chromebooks provided by Pitt County Schools. This program allows students to recognize when they need extra help and also provide themselves with the opportunity to be more successful. 

     “I think that this program can at least serve as a sense of security for students if they need help,” Blount said. “Their teachers have the links to the Zoom sessions on their Canvas page, so they know that when they are home and struggling with their homework, they can hop on a Zoom session with a tutor for 25 minutes or so.” 

     Not only can CME students gain benefits through this program, but NHS members can as well. Volunteer opportunities are slim due to COVD-19 and this program allows members to give back to their community amidst these times.

     “I hope to grow this program to include tutoring for other subjects hopefully in the next one to two months,” Blount said. “I would love to include tutors from outside of NHS if others are interested.”

     CME is appreciative of this program and all that it has to offer to their students and will help them achieve academic growth.

     “I hope students will learn that it's okay to ask for help, it’s okay to get help from outside, and learn to find the resources they need,” Clark said. 

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