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Newton signs with Carolina Panthers once again

TUES. | 12-28-21 | SPORTS

     On Nov. 11, 2021, the Carolina Panthers re-signed Cam Newton for the current season on a 10 million dollar deal including 4.5 million that is guaranteed and 1.5 million as a roster bonus.

     Newton was born in Atlanta, Georgia and has played football since grade school. He attended the University of Florida from 2007-2008 before he transferred to Blinn College for the 2009 season. After his sophomore season at Blinn, he finished his junior and senior year at the University of Auburn.

     After college, Newton was drafted by the Panthers in 2011 as the number one pick in the National Football League (NFL) draft. Through many seasons of coming up short of making it to the Super Bowl, in 2015, he finally led his team to Super Bowl L where he was awarded NFL Most Valuable Player (MVP). 

     Newton grew as an international

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figure not only for his football skills, but also for his celebrations. He was given the name “super Cam” not long after joining the Panther's organization. His name was everywhere and he was becoming one of the most popular and liked football players in the league. 

     Even with helping his team on the field, the Panthers decided to release Newton after the 2019 season. Newton could not find a team to sign with. Even though Newton was not on a team, he was working to get better every day. This paid off for him on July 8, 2020, he signed a one-year deal with the New England Patriots.

     Newton would stay with the Patriots for the 2020 season where he started as Quarterback. His time did not last long with the Patriots because after the 2020 season his contract expired and he was put into free agency. 

     Newton, without a team again, began training harder and harder to prepare for the next season in case a team was to sign him. As the 2021 NFL season came around, Newton was still in free agency without a team to play for. 

     As the season went on, the Carolina Panthers needed a new quarterback that could lead their team. Since their starting quarterback Sam Darnell went out due to an injury, they turned to their former superstar, Newton.

     The Panthers gave Newton his new one-year contract on Nov. 11, 2021. He returned to the Panthers organization as a second-string quarterback, and was on the sidelines three days after his contract to play against the Arizona Cardinals. 

     In Newton’s first game back, he scored two touchdowns. For his first touchdown he scrambled into the end zone to give the Panthers a one score lead. His second touchdown was a quick slant route where he found his wide receiver open in the end zone to tie up the game.

     Newton’s return brought great success for the Panthers, coming out on top with a 33-10 victory over the Cardinals. He showed his comfort with this team and has already shown how much of a leader he could be and what roles he plays on and off the field.

     His second game back was an exciting one for the Panthers fan base, as this was Newton's first home game being back for the Panthers. He was welcomed with open arms as he walked out onto his former field. 

     Newton was a starter for this game and the fans loved to see him back on their field. He kept the Panthers in it, but came up short with a 27-21 loss to Washington. Newton had an amazing game where he went 21 for 27 passing and threw for 189 yards. With this he scored two passing touchdowns and one rushing.  

     Overall, It appears that Newton has not skipped a beat with the Panthers and they hope that he can lead them back to the Super Bowl.

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