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September 27th, 2019

New Apple campus set to arrive in Raleigh

FRI. | 05-21-21 | OPINION

     Apple is one of the most successful modern companies in the world. With a market value of over two trillion dollars as of 2020, Apple is currently bigger than other powerhouse companies like Amazon or Microsoft. Apple is one of the leading companies in technology, providing state-of-the-art smart phones and other products, all of which are very advanced. The company’s size and power are part of the reason why the new Apple compound that will be established in Raleigh is such a big deal.

     The plans for a new Apple campus in Raleigh were announced on Apr. 26. This campus will provide jobs for 3,000 new employees and will cost around one billion dollars to make a reality. All of this is part of Apple’s plan to expand out of their original headquarters in Cupertino, California and will likely be one of many new Apple campuses being constructed soon around America.

     Apple announced in their plan to build new campuses that they plan to make many more job opportunities all over America. In multiple states and cities, with lots of new employees, they plan to employ over 20,000 new people by 2026. Many other mega companies have followed suit as well, with Google and Amazon also announcing new buildings around the US. It seems as if many companies are starting to shift from making campuses in foreign places to making them in more domestic areas.

     This new campus is very exciting for those in North Carolina because it will bring more recognition and opportunities to the state and possibly provide us with some interesting opportunities. Apple will be providing a wide range of jobs such as engineers and software programmers at their

New Apple Campus.png

Graphic by Jake Bradsher

their new campus and could change Raleigh for the better. Our hope is for the new Apple campus to bring good to our capital and provide people with jobs and fun.

     I think that this new building is very intriguing and would love to see it in-person once it gets built. I wonder what they may have in there. Would it be open to people or would it just be for workers? The possibilities for what it may hold are endless. Perhaps it will be a new place to purchase high tech Apple products or somewhere that we can tour and visit. Sources at the Chicago Tribune say that this new campus could provide up to $1.5 billion of income for the state each year and could make a big impact on Raleigh’s local businesses.

     Apple is already such a massively successful company and it’s interesting to imagine just how much they will make and how far they will expand. They already are one of the richest companies in the world and are always growing and now with these new campuses in their sights, they will keep getting bigger and bigger. We truly can’t predict what will happen with Apple, what kind of new technology they will produce and how it will impact us. The iPhone, Apple’s trademark product, has been getting more and more advanced as the years go by with eleven different models, added features such as photography and 5G and more.

     The new Apple campus in Raleigh is very intriguing. Perhaps it will be the start of North Carolina becoming a more popular state for tourists and getting more attention from the people. It also might start attracting other powerful companies and grow even more in regards to the technology industry. We can’t fully understand what Apple’s plan is for the future, but we will continue to speculate and wonder what might come next.

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