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New year same old equipment 

MON.| 1-30-23 | OPINION

     Rose has been around for a good while. Being founded in 1957, the school has gone through a lot of changes regarding how education is run and the resources found within it. However, a lot of the equipment within Rose is very outdated and too old for modern resources. This problem surfaced more after 2020, when COVID-19 caused a huge increase in online classes and assignments that has not gone away.

Opinion Old School equipment  (1)_edited.jpg

Graphic by Sara Scarborough

     One aspect of Rose that most people seem to forget about is the lockers that line the sides of almost every hallway. These lockers are very old, seen by the wear on the outside and the faulty locks on some of them. Not only are these lockers old and poorly made, but hardly anyone in the school uses them. I personally have never seen my locker and do not know a single person among my friends who has ever used the lockers at Rose. It is simply easier to carry everything around with you in a backpack, especially when our school only has four classes each semester. It would be understandable to employ the use of a locker if students had seven or eight classes, like some other schools in the US, but with the way Pitt County Schools (PCS) is organized, it is simply not practical. The fact is, with how far the school spreads, if a student were to have their supplies in a locker on the 800 hall and a class on the 100 hall, it would be impossible for them to get their stuff and make it to class on time. There is also a fee that all students must pay at the start of their attendance at Rose to pay for their locker. This fee could cause difficulties for students in difficult financial situations and is completely unnecessary as no one uses the lockers anyways. 

     Another resource within the school that is severely outdated and in need of replacement is some of the desks. Although there are certain classrooms that have nicely made new desks, there are still multiple antique wooden desks and broken chairs. I have even seen these desks with rotting or broken wood on the desk itself, along with broken pieces of metal that leave behind a dangerously sharp edge. These elements, caused by age, could be problematic and harmful to students. Obviously the school and the PCS board does not have infinite funds, so it can be difficult to provide new resources for students, but when it gets to the point of potential harm, the problem should at least be addressed.

     As the world continues to advance further with technology and advanced resources within education, schools need to keep up. I believe that, as the world continues to move further with technology, schools and teaching practices should follow them and change to fit the mold. It would solve a lot of problems and potentially save money for students if Rose updated the lockers and desks within the school to be newer and more useful.

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