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New season of show gives a sense of Euphoria


     “Euphoria” began gaining its success with its first season, which aired in 2019. On Jan. 9, the first episode of the second season was released on HBO and HBO Max. Finally, on Feb. 27, the eighth and final episode was released, wrapping up the second season of the show. For many fans, including myself, the ending of season two was sad because of the thought of having to wait three more years before seeing a new episode of the show again. 

     The second season began on New Year’s, which introduced most of the new components the show would focus on for the rest of the season. For example, Elliot, played by Dominic Fike, was shown at the New Year’s party and was foreshadowed to later become close with one of


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“Euphoria’s” leading characters, Rue, played by Zendaya. I think Elliot is a great new addition to the show because of how chill he is. 

     A new budding romance was also shown at the party between Cassie and Nate. This moment shocked viewers all over the world because of Nate’s past with dating Cassie’s best friend, Maddie. Cassie used to be one of my favorite characters, but after seeing this, she lost all of her likability.

     The biggest scene during this party, however, was the fight between Fez and Nate. Actually, I'm not sure you can even call it a fight because it consisted of Fez smashing a bottle against Nate’s head and beating him senseless. I was completely speechless at this point, confused on why Fez would do this, until I remembered Nate calling the cops to do a drug raid at Fez’s house in the previous season. 

     This night played a huge role in the events of the rest of the season. For instance, a bulk of the season is spent on Cassie and Nate having to hide their relationship from Maddie. Cassie constantly acts like she feels bad for her best friend, but to me, doing it in the first place proves she doesn’t care for her friend that much. 

     Another main point of the show is the continuing of Rue’s relapse that began during the last scene of season one after getting left at the train station. Rue hides her relapse of drug use from Jules in order for them to stay together. For me, I never really liked Rue and Jules together that much, considering how selfish Jules has proven to be and how she is not the good influence that Rue needs. On the other hand, season two proves that Elliot is an even worse influence, since he is the one that provides and partakes in many drugs with Rue during season two. 

     Rue even has a huge emotional breakdown near the middle of the season that gave me goosebumps for days. The breakdown was triggered by Rue’s mother taking away her drugs and refusing to give them back, causing Rue to blow up at her friends, mom and even her sister Gia. During the outburst she even outs Cassie and Nate to Maddie which, as expected, ended terribly with Maddie chasing after Cassie for what she did. Rue finally returns home and agrees to stay clean, but this episode painted her in a terrible light 

     Along with the bad relationships formed in this season, there was also a good one: Fez and Lexi. They are shown throughout the season talking on the phone and getting really deep about their personal lives. I mean, it is kind of hard to not like them together when you make a couple out of two of the most likable characters in the show. 

     All of this leads up to Lexi’s play, called “Our Life”, which turns out to be about all of the characters in “Euphoria”, with none of them being told this and finding out on opening night. If I were them, I honestly would have been angry for parts of my life to be shared on stage without my permission. The play ended with Cassie storming the stage and Maddie and Cassie then getting into a huge fight on stage which was hilarious. 

     Finally, Fez is shown getting ready to leave with flowers and a card to go to Lexi’s play. However, he never makes it there. When one of his drug dealer friends, Custer, turns out to be an informant for the police. This leads to multiple police officers once again raiding the home. 

     If I had to choose, I would have to say the first season of “Euphoria” was slightly better just because everything was so fresh and original. That’s not to say season two was boring, because it definitely has its moments. I had just gotten used to watching the show every Sunday and will be so sad to have to wait this long for another season. 

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