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September 27th, 2019

Rose community gains new science teachers

TUES. | 10-26-21 | NEWS

SAT. | 10-10-20 | NEWS

     Science teachers Lauren Ritchie and Donna Brody recently transferred from North Pitt to Rose. Both taught at North Pitt for around nine years when they decided they were ready for a change.

     “I was ready for a change, just being closer to my house was one big thing,” Ritchie said “I knew some of the teachers out here already and I wanted to be with new people in a new environment.”

     Ritchie went to high school in Jacksonville and then went to college at East Carolina University where she acquired a Masters in teaching. Ritchie then went to work at North Pitt where she taught for nine years. She likes teaching because she gets to know kids and help them learn, and ultimately help them grow as people. 

     “Rose has been very welcoming; the administration [and] all the other teachers have been very nice to me in helping [me get] used to everything,” says Ritchie. “Students want to do work and want to do better and are concerned about their grades.”

     Ritchie has been very happy with her new position at Rose so far. She enjoys all of her students and thinks that they all work very hard and get their assignments done. Ritchie thinks that in general, the attitude towards learning new things is a lot more positive at Rose than North Pitt. 

Donna Brody.png

Photo by Carter Taylor

     One of the reasons she became a teacher was because of her teachers. She felt like the teachers she had in her senior year of high school influenced her the most.

     Donna Brody is another science teacher who switched from Rose to North Pitt this year. She spent a total of three years working as a substitute, and tutor, and six years as a teacher. Brody got her degree at ECU.

     “I think I fell into it by accident,” said Brody. “It just happened to be something I was good at so I figured I would do it.”

     Brody also has her classroom set up using AVID, which is for people who are going to be the first in their family to go to college. She is working on bringing AVID principles to Rose.

     “I run my classroom in an AVID style; AVID is a program designed for students who are first-generation college goers.” said Brody.

     Brody also works with the Red Cross as a disaster services volunteer and is a licensed wildlife rehabilitator. 

     “I volunteer with the Red Cross, so I've worked in shelters as [a] shelter manager,” says Brody. “I also am a wildlife rehab person; I’m licensed by the state of North Carolina to do wildlife rehabilitation.”

     Ritchie and Brody found the switch from North Pitt very welcoming. Ritchie likes the fact that science teachers have their own hall so they are closer together, and Brody likes the science department at Rose, saying it’s just as supportive at North Pitt.

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