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New SAT rules starting in 2024

MON. | 02-21-22 | OPINION

     On Tuesday, Jan. 25, 2022, New York Post released the College Board’s first statement to make the SAT completely online throughout the US by 2024, abandoning the paper and pencil method as well as shortening the length of the test. 

     People all over the US have come to many conclusions that typical standardized testing, such as the ACT and SAT, are not needed in today's society when determining college acceptances. I agree on this matter due to the fact that I and many other high schoolers are not good test-takers, leaving us stressed in a testing environment. 

     Tests have been used to standardize students' lives as early as kindergarten. I understand that there are certain materials and guidelines needed to make sure a student is on their normal educational growth and development, but a yearly standardized test shouldn't be needed to fully determine that. Every student learns and takes information differently, yet they are given the same test. 

     Another important detail College Board mentioned was that to make the SAT easier for kids, the time frame for it


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will be cut by over an hour, resulting in the test only taking around 2-3 hours. Time is an important factor in testing. Being told to take your time can leave room for improvements by slowing down your pace, but in my case extra time leaves room for misinterpretations and overthinking my answers. Overall the aspect of the time cut on the SAT is a good thing, because the test will be shorter in time and content. 

     These are major changes in school systems around America, but what remains the same is the fact that the SAT will still be proctored in schools or private testing facilities. I feel this is reasonable as it will still be a mandatory test that needs proper instruction and student supervision so they will not cheat and the test runs smoothly. 

     For many students, the long and agonizing wait for test scores puts everyone on edge. With the new guidelines and grading techniques for the virtual SAT, scores come back in days rather than weeks. I think that this is definitely the best benefit of changes to standardized testing by far; knowing that the wait for scores won't be long. 

     All the details for the SAT as of right now are good news to my ears, yet I still feel that standardized testing needs more modifications. I think that the option to submit scores based on the colleges' requirements is reasonable and has been taken into account by many schools across America. A one-time test score could affect your major, which influences what you'll be doing for the rest of your life. The option to submit scores could make or break later accomplishments, which should be your choice. 

      I now have high hopes for kids in 2024 that standardized testing will not be as stressful, nor as big of a factor for college acceptances This decision made by College Board was a good call based on how learning has occured for the past few years. With more and more testing online, hopefully the SAT will be able to make a smooth transition to being fully virtual by 2024.

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