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New protocol can be alarming

TUE.| 3-28-23 | OPINION

     Recently, Rose has upped its security on all entrances of the building with alarms and surveillance. This is due to a recent incident of a stranger being let in the door on the 300 hall. The stranger that didn't attend Rose was let in by a student and arrested for trespassing. The student who let in the stranger was later expelled for their actions of opening the door for the intruder.

     The incident itself concerns me, as well as many of my classmates and teachers. It disturbs everyone so much that, in recent weeks, every entry in Rose now has alarms that sound throughout the day when the doors open, as well as surveillance cameras on each door. New posters are up on every door warning students not to open the door for people, and that if they do so, there will be consequences.

     The reason for this new security stems from the problem of people letting in others through random 

door alarms.jpg

Graphic by Jack Albritton

entrances of the school, whether that be in the 300, 200 or 100 hall. There have been instances throughout the day where students are letting in their friends, classmates or anyone trying to get into the school building for any purpose.

     I have seen people being let in throughout the years, and yes, I understand that it is a safety and security issue, however, how will sounding alarms help it? If the school has set up surveillance, then what is the point of the alarms? I find myself hearing these alarms throughout the day. I also find that they disrupt class, and more importantly, no one says or does anything about it after the alarm sounds.

     In addition to the recent security, faculty have been monitoring entrances more so than before. I have seen teachers and administrators monitoring the halls throughout the bell times of the day, whether this be to track skippers or complete strangers trying to enter the building. I feel as if this is the proper way to monitor any threats entering the school, which is something the school has kept a close eye on in recent weeks.

     With this recent security, it makes me wonder what's next. What else will the school do to increase its security for threats? It makes me wonder with the recent school shooting threats around the states, will metal detectors be implemented in schools in recent years to come?

     Overall, this abrupt change in security scares me, making me wonder what other threats there could have been if it wasn't implemented. Additionally, the security also makes me feel safer knowing that any people entering the school are monitored 100% of the time through either surveillance or staff.

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