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New album Requiem from Korn is one for the masses


     When it comes to music, I tend to be very picky on who I listen to, especially with the metal genre. I’m very much into concept albums, clear and powerful singing and good quality. This isn’t something Korn is known for, and that is mainly why I don’t consider myself a fan. Though it didn’t have many of the elements I love, their newest album, Requiem, is not bad to say the least. 

     It was very interpretable and very emotional, but also very average, and it didn’t sound much different from their other albums. The lyrics are still dark, vulgar and raunchy. It almost sounds as if they are using the same guitar chords just in different ways. 

     However, one thing that they differed in was the amount of tracks offered. Instead of the classic 10 to 14, the listener is met with only nine. This felt better than having double the tracks, especially for someone like me who doesn’t listen to Korn willingly. 

     The album starts with the track “Forgotten,” which has a very interesting lyrical format. Korn’s lyrics have always

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been simple, but they are interpretable. “Bow down/Where am I now?/Somehow/A plaything at your discretion now,” are the only lines in the chorus before quickly jumping into the next verse. It felt very rushed, even though it was almost a four-minute-long song. 

     However, the writing format changes in track three, “Start the Healing.” Though each line is still very short, we have a longer chorus to listen to. If I had to pick a favorite song, I would choose this one. I feel like this song had the most groove to it in the intro and the chorus. Though it sounds like a typical radio jam, it was probably their best work on the album.

     Another recommended track is “Disconnect.” There are more simple lyrics, but the sound is very hard and emotional. My only complaint is that it’s very repetitive lyrically, besides a few words in the bridge. I swear the words “pain”, “hurt”, “conceal” and “selfishness” are said a million times, which is true to Korn’s regular fashion. In almost every old song of theirs, I heard repeated lines and words non-stop, and it almost felt very lazy. 

     However, if you're into some nostalgia, I would recommend the final track, “Worst Is On It’s Way.” It reminds me of the ever-so-popular “Freak on a Leash”. This is due to lead singer Jonathan Davis’ famous mumbling. It feels as though Korn was trying to head back to their roots in search of a similar hit, and they’re not far off despite “Freak on a Leash” not being that good of a song, in my opinion. 

     Even though it was short, this album wasn’t a bad listen. It was pretty mundane and continuous, but I would say that it’s still pretty good background noise. The quality of each song was pretty low for a studio album, but it was still good enough to get away with. This isn’t necessarily something you could listen to intently, but it’s still fun to have on. 

     If I had to recommend this to anyone, I would recommend it to the Korn fans. This sounds like something only they would really enjoy.

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