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Netflix's not-so-hype Hype House


     Continuous content and trends are made by famous creators on TikTok for their followers. TikTokers post on their platforms for the support of their fans with hopes of influencing their lives. Following in the footsteps of YouTuber Jake Paul’s Team 10 house, many TikTokers also started constructing content houses. Within a content house, the sole purpose was for groups of influencers with massive amounts of followers to all live together and create TikToks with each other to increase their following. There have been many content houses on TikTok, like The Sway House and Clubhouse, that eventually came to an end. One house stands out because of its longevity, The Hype House. A TV show about the house was released on Netflix on Jan. 7, containing 8 episodes. 

     When watching Hype House, much on how the brand works is learned. Essentially, creators get most of their income and means to be able to afford the house from brand deals and fan interaction with their TikToks. Without the views and likes from content being made, there would not be enough money for the house. The Hype House was originally founded by Lil Huddy (Chase Hudson), Thomas Petrou, Daisy Keech, Kouvr Annon and Alex Warren. Since its beginning, all of the founders remain in The Hype House except for Keech. Famous TikTokers like Charli and Dixie Damelio along with Addison Rae also began their stardom in The Hype House, leaving to focus more on their individual careers. 

     With there being so many people in the house, it was

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hard to pick favorites, but I did so anyway. My absolute favorite was Larray Merritt; his lack of caring what other people think and constant humor put him on the top of my list. Following Merritt is Nikita Dragun, a transgender and beauty guru icon who also showed humor while staying true to herself througout the show. My third and fourth favorites on Hype House would have to be Vinnie Hacker and previously mentioned Storms. They both seemed really chill and positive while also making me laugh here and there. 

     The bulk of Hype House’s screen time includes the dynamic of the members living with each other. One of the most interesting points was the verbal fights, sometimes petty, that people in the Hype House had with each other. Petrou’s girlfriend, Mia Hayward, was at the center of most of these disagreements. She always tried to boss everyone else in the house around and used the fact that she was Petrou’s girlfriend to get them to do what she wanted, making her my least favorite character. Most of the fights were clearly created for the views that drama would bring them. It was shown that views controlled almost every aspect of the show, like how most of Warren and Annon’s relationship was used for views; they even had a fake wedding for YouTube in hopes that their followers would make it go viral. 

     However, even with a big amount of the content being staged, the show also gave a personal look into some of the creators past lives, making me feel sympathy for them. This mainly applied to Dragun and Warren. Dragun showed her difficulties with transitioning and Warren shared about his dad dying, abusive mother and experience with being homeless for part of his life. 

Reflecting on Hype House, after Petrou considers the decline of members creating content along with Huddy stepping away to focus on his music career, the future of The Hype House is in question. Six months after filming, Petrou announced that Warren and Annon along with three others are moving out and himself, Hayward, Hacker and two others are staying in the House. 

     After watching Hype House, the show is not entirely for me. I cringed on multiple occasions and was abundantly sick and tired of the overwhelming goal of trying to get famous. Another season would not be recommended for me and if one is released, I cannot say I would watch it. Putting my preferences aside, if someone has a huge interest in TikTok and social media, they should give Hype House a try.

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