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Netflix's "Outer Banks" sails in popularity and hits close to home

All my life, I have been intrigued by movies and TV shows involving romance and adventure. I have watched almost every movie with leads who fall in love while experiencing hardships. A romance movie with a little action makes the heart race and causes the audience to become attached to the characters. A popular show on netflix, “Outer Banks,” fits right into this category. And to top it all off, as its name suggests, "Outer Banks" is set off the coast of NC, a region that is familiar to many of us eastern North Carolinians.


The first season of “Outer Banks” was released to the public on April 15, 2020. “Outer Banks” is about two separate lifestyles on the Outer Banks: Kooks and Pogues. The ringleader of the Pogues, John B., is on a search with his friends to find his supposedly dead father after he has been missing for nine months. While searching, John B. and his friends take on what many men on the island have been doing for over 100 years: looking for the Royal Merchant’s treasure. Along the way, the Pogues run into problems with the Kooks and adults who don’t take them seriously. One of the Pogues, JJ, goes through rough times with his dad everyday and grows a strong hatred towards the Kooks. Although Pogues hate Kooks, John B. doesn’t hate all of the Kooks. As the show continues, he falls hard for the queen Kook, Sarah Cameron. This relationship brings Sarah Cameron into the Pogue friend group.


I was hooked on “Outer Banks”  in less than than three episodes. Within their adventure, my heart was racing and I was crying during all the conflicts, as well as the romance and bonding. This show contains many lessons that can be learned. The most important lesson is to never let your past hold you back. These kids fight, mentally and physically, out of letting their past get the best of them.  Most of the characters come from unstable families, which encourages them to start over. JJ has to deal with conflicts involving his own father, while battling against the Kooks to find the treasure. Also, John B. has to battle against his own girlfriend’s father to uncover everything he has done. This show will have your emotions thrown around in ways that other shows cannot compete with. 


Although “Outer Banks” is set in Outer Banks, NC, that is not where the show was filmed. The show was actually filmed in Charleston, SC. Along with that inaccuracy, there are a few more flaws in the show involving geography. John B. and Sarah Cameron take a tug boat from the Outer Banks to Chapel Hill, which any eastern North Carolina native would know is impossible. All the inaccuracies aside, it is very neat to have had one of the most popular shows in the world set just over an hour away from where we live. 


However, the show’s only season does not end exactly the way fans would like. According to websites and other articles, there will be a season two. I would highly recommend this show to anyone who loves an action-filled romance movie. I do not regret watching this show at all.

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