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Netflix rom-com deemed somewhat great


     Someone Great is a Netflix original movie starring Gina Rodriguez (Jenny Young) and Lakeith Stanfield (Nate Davis) with supporting roles from Brittany Snow (Blair Helms) and DeWanda Wise (Erin Kennedy). This R-rated film was released on April 19, 2019 and met with a 65% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes. Writer-director Jennifer Kaytin Robinson captures a woman who is reeling from a devastating breakup with her longtime boyfriend. She tries to pick up the pieces of her life in New York City with her two best friends while she gets ready to move to San Francisco for a new job. The entire movie follows these three women throughout one day, involving flashbacks from the beginning of the relationships with her boyfriend and best friends to moments when her relationship with her boyfriend was falling apart. 

     Every character in this film has so much depth and drastically different personalities that work together to build a beautiful dynamic. The creative and quick banter between the three girlfriends push the film forward and add humor that can make you laugh out loud. These three friends are so different but accept each other’s quirks and balance each other out. 

     The day that the film revolves around is the day following Young’s nine-year relationship’s end. She is a music critic and received a job opportunity in San Francisco, sparking the end of her relationship. However, the relationship was already struggling, shown by the flashbacks throughout the film. Jenny wakes up the next morning devastated, but is determined to party

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throughout the day with her best friends and attend Neon Classic, a concert that night. Throughout the day they “live their best lives” in New York City while also viewing Jenny’s inescapable heartbreak. 

     Although the film is really about Jenny, the two other friends are going through major turning points in their lives as well. Helms is in a relationship with a man who acts like more of a mother than a boyfriend. She’s involved in an affair with another man and the movie follows her realization that she deserves a passionate relationship. Throughout the movie, Kennedy is a strong-willed, confident character who doesn't speak to her emotions. She is involved in a loving relationship with her unofficial girlfriend, but shows a real fear in making the relationship public and official. She fights with her emotions and the real reason she is afraid. In the end, she shares her personal heartbreaks with her girlfriend and why she is afraid and hesitant.  

     To contrast, Young’s boyfriend is quiet but speaks intentionally with lots of depth. He works as a community organizer who is inspired by Jenny’s work and passion. He ends up being the one to end the relationship. Just as any nine-year relationship, they were very involved in each others lives and Jenny doesn't know how to move on. She genuinely believes that Nate is her person and she mourns the relationship throughout the day. The movie’s flashbacks add context and substance to the beauty of their relationship but also why it really ended. 

     While mourning this ended relationship, she is also savoring and lamenting her life in New York City, as she is moving soon. She loved the life she had in New York City with her best friends, and is determined to make the most of her last days there. 

     At the end of the movie, after a dramatic night, all three friends are sitting in Washington Square Park, discussing the day and updating each other on the shocking advances in their lives that were made that night. Kennedy admitted her feelings and fears to her girlfriend, while also making the relationship official. Helms ended her relationship and her secret affair was discovered and accepted by her friends. Young admitted that she needed to stop running from her heartbreak, like she had done all day. She realized she had to just sit in her sadness for a little while. She also expressed her love for her friends and her city. 

     I would rate this movie a 7/10. In my opinion, this movie truly captured what it looks like to be a good friend and show up for the people you love. The banter between friends is my favorite thing about this film, as it is so creative and witty. The music throughout this movie is spectacular and fits the location, scenario and time period so well. 

     I suspect that some people didn't like this movie because of the overwhelming amount of “millennial culture” which can be annoying. Personally, millennial lingo and humor is infuriating and makes my skin crawl. For example, some of the characters would say “hashtag …” in casual conversation. Side characters that drove the plot were somewhat odd and frustrating to watch, as their interactions were awkward and uncomfortable. Although these factors are distasteful, overall, this film has been a true example to me of how to show up for your friends in their time of need and proven that you can still have fun in times of sorrow.

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