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Netflix nails another reality TV series


     Netflix has finally released the third season of Too Hot to Handle on Jan. 19, 2022. The reality show series has been long-awaited by its fans around the world and made the top 10 charts on Netflix for this week yet again. 

     The show aired its first season in April of 2020. With COVID being at its highest point amid the 2020 spring quarantine, it brought the show heavy attention from the internet and all social media platforms, launching a


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pretty big fanbase. I am a huge fan of this show and being able to binge a whole season in the span of two days is nothing for me when it comes to Too Hot to Handle. 

     Typical reality TV shows about romance and drama all start out the same, but not this one. Ten attractive young adults are called to beautiful islands each season and are told the task is to “have fun” and “mess around.” This season, its guests were told that they would be on the reality show Pleasure Island, while the whole process is documented. Little did they know, they were going to be put under a ban of intimacy and set to the test where building genuine connections with someone is the key point of the retreat. 

     The goal of the show is to maintain the prize fund, which is $200,000 this season. However, the catch is that when any funny business occurs, fees would be deducted from the original amount. What makes this show unique is its narrator “Lana,” a wireless cone that speaks for herself. Although Lana is electronic, she does her best to challenge the guests by providing tasks and temptations that stir up the group. She has eyes everywhere; cameras are set up around the whole retreat to document any instances of what may be considered rule breaking. 

     One of my favorite parts of finishing the show is knowing whether each couple formed on the retreat is still together. This reveals whether or not true connections built on the retreat have lasted. Let’s just say this season was much more dramatic than the past two, with more love triangles and who is boyfriend stealing.

     The underlying question of this whole series is “how is the show going to keep fooling its guests?” How are they going to keep airing more and more seasons without clues revealing they are on Too Hot to Handle? Most of the internet, and the show's fans, wonder the same thing and if there will even be a fourth season. What makes this season different from the last two, is that when it was revealed that the contestants were on Too Hot to Handle, they already understood the gist of rule breaks and the prize fund from their prior knowledge of the show. 

     Lets just say that overall, Netflix has outdone itself with its unique releases of reality TV shows like this one. I can't wait to see what else fans, and the show stars, will have to say about this season and what might come in the future for the show. 

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