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Netflix drops series starring Sandler Family

THURS.| 10-26-23 | OPINION

     On August 25, 2023, Netflix released the movie “You’re So Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah,” starring both Adam Sandler and his two teenage daughters Sunny and Sadie Sandler. 

     The lead character Stacy Friedman, played by Sunny Sandler, portrays a preteen who is struggling to find ways to navigate the hardships of middle school, as well as having a Bat Mitzvah that won’t be forgotten. The book “You Are So Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah” by Fiona Rosenbloon, takes viewers through Stacy’s less than perfect middle school experience where she is faced with many challenges that interrupt her seemingly flawless plan.     Throughout the movie it is evident that there is chemistry between the Sandler family. Sunny Sandler stars as the youngest daughter, Stacy, Sadie Sandler plays the edgy older sister, Ronnie. Adam Sandler as their Dad, Danny, along with Indina Menzel playing the mother, Bree, the movie captures the loving and playful relationship between the family members while also introducing the challenges that many parents and children are faced with. 

     Stacy’s life revolves around planning the party that accompanies her Bat Mitzvah. Stacy believes that while she is transitioning into a woman there should be a party of equal importance. Her dream Bat Mitzvah is sparkly, fun and most importantly, attended by her lifelong best friend Lydia, played by Samantha Lorraine, and her crush Andy,

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played by Dylan Hoffman. She wants this to be a night to remember and believes that this is only possible if everything goes to plan. 

     Stacy’s life takes a sharp turn when she is faced with the many unwanted, yet very expected, inconveniences of middle school. Her best friend Lydia is introduced to the “popular” group and is suddenly dating the guy Stacy has made evident that she has a crush on.

     While the film offers an overexaggerated representation of middle school drama and relationships, many lessons are learned as Stacy learns how to navigate her transition to womanhood. Throughout the numerous disruptions to her perfect middle school ideal, she learns what values are important and which ones are better left behind.

     Inspired by the Sandler family’s Jewish heritage, the movie offers cultural significance while still allowing for an easy understanding of the Jewish culture and teaching the purpose of the Bat (girl) and Bar (boy) Mitzvah that marks the transition from childhood to adulthood that Jewish children celebrate at age thirteen. 

     “You Are So Not Invited to My Batmitzvah” achieves many of the goals that the teen coming of age film aims for. Despite the intentionally cliche representation of middle school experiences and a number of cringe-worthy “gen Z jokes,” I enjoyed watching this movie and I think it teaches important lessons.

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