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Issue 1

September 27th, 2019

NAHS designs digital magazine, “ourARTourEyes”

THURS. | 9-24-20 | NEWS

     Entering into a hybrid fall semester where many opportunities have been limited, Rose National Art Honor Society (NAHS) has made advances to push past these challenges through the creation of a digital magazine, “ourARTourEyes”. NAHS publishes an issue every two weeks with the first publication having been published on Thursday, Sept. 3. Each issue includes a collection of graphic, paper and other media pieces from both former and current NAHS members, as well as teachers. A major theme of the digital magazine is to “Keep Connected Through Covid,” which has also become a leading principle for NAHS this semester.

     “I think that since all this COVID stuff, it's hard for the art honor society to get together, so this digital magazine was just a way for us to connect even through this pandemic,” senior NAHS member Jessica Balanay said.

     Since many of the regular events that NAHS participates in were cancelled due to the virus, NAHS advisor Randall Leach sought other avenues to showcase NAHS artwork. He first introduced the idea of a digital magazine this summer after seeking inspiration from a similar flip-book magazine Designlife from NC State College of Design.

     “[NC State] has some really sophisticated pieces, like it looks like it could be on a shelf somewhere,” Leach said. “I saw theirs and I said, ‘That could be something we could look into doing’.”

      In attempt to stay active within NAHS and earn credits for the semester, current NAHS members have been given the opportunity to submit either single or double-page artistic entries each issue. 

     “It’s just a way for the art students at Rose to display their artwork and tell a little bit about who they are and what they like to do art-wise,” Balanay said.


Image contributed by National Art Honor Society

     Balanay has particularly taken interest in graphic design and has been integral in assisting in the creation of the magazine through designing the magazine cover, and is optimistic about the opportunities it will provide. With the magazine being online, it provides artists with a larger audience than if the art were to be hanging in the halls of Rose.

     “I’ve been stuck showing my artwork to people at Rose, so I think this digital magazine is good for me to get my name out there to the public,” Balanay said.

     Along with student submissions, the magazine also received responses from past Rose alumni who wished to participate in the endeavor. Many of them are in a current art career or design program at their college.

     “We’ve had a group of alumni in the first issue and we had alumni in this second one as well,” Leach said. “I already have people who are wanting to do the third.”

     Along with the content from current and former students, the digital magazine includes a features section, where artists are able to submit entries of their choice according to that issue’s theme.

     “We are starting to do a features section, and this last [issue] was just colored-pencil drawings,” Leach said. “Anybody who wanted to do something or had something to submit could.”

     Students and teachers alike are confident in the benefits the new digital magazine will provide to both the student body and the artists themselves. 

     “We can showcase what our students are able to do,” Leach said. “There are some really talented kids that are here doing work in their sketchbooks and on their tablets but people aren’t able to see it, but this magazine does that.”

     View the latest issue of NAHS digital magazine:


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