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September 27th, 2019

Mrs. Pam parts ways with Rose after 19 years

WED. | 2-22-23 | NEWS

     On Thursday, Jan. 26, Pam Taft, who has been the registrar at Rose for the past 19 years, completed her final day of work. After being at Rose since 2004, Taft felt that her time here was complete and she was ready to retire. 

     Although Taft is looking forward to this new chapter of her life, there are many things that she will miss, one of the biggest being the people she has worked with over all of her years at Rose. 

     "The staff and faculty at this school are unreal and [the students] here have no clue how lucky they are to have the teachers they do," Taft said.  "I know for a fact that the faculty in this building puts all of these kids first, and you will never find another school that does that."

     Besides admiring her co-workers, Taft also loves the kids she interacts with and will miss them just as much. 

     "I will really miss all these kids; I love seeing them walk through here,” Taft said. “I love getting to see the excitement on their faces before football game weekends; I just love every single part of it.” 


Photo by Averi Simpson

     To honor Taft and the significant impact she has had on Rose, several faculty members welcomed her with a large sign set up in front of the school when she arrived on her last day.  Alayna Maness, school counselor, and a few other faculty members also planned a surprise party for Taft after school on her last day.  

     "We wanted to come up with a theme for the party that catered to Mrs. Pam so we decided that the theme was going to be sending her off with love," Maness said. "A saying that Mrs. Pam has always had is ‘with love’ and she says it after everything so we thought that would be perfect."

     All of the Rose staff were invited, along with past staff and co-workers who Taft has ties with.  Some of the counselors were even able to invite her kids and grandkids who live in Charleston, SC as a surprise. 

     "It was actually really funny because we stole her kids' numbers off her phone so we were able to invite them," Maness said. "Mrs. Grady actually took her phone and screenshotted all of their contacts and sent them to herself so we were able to get in touch with them without her knowing."  

     Maness believes that Taft has made such a large impact on Rose and all the staff, so she wanted this party to be a fun time where people could honor her and everything she has done.  

     "Mrs. Pam [was] presented with a plaque to name the vault area in student services in her honor, and we set up some pictures around," Maness said. "We just really wanted to have a chance for people to go around and share good memories they have had with Mrs. Pam."

     Taft plans to spend the majority of her retirement traveling to Charleston, SC to be able to spend more time with her family. 

      "I will be spending most of my time on I-95 driving in the slow lane in my gran van, so please make sure to stay off the I-95 slow lane," Taft said.  

      Taft has enjoyed all of her time spent working at Rose, which makes this goodbye bittersweet.

     "Everyone has to work somewhere, so you might as well have fun at your day job and I've definitely had fun at my day job thanks to this fabulous faculty and I have felt so loved," Taft said. 

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