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Mosley captures first golf state championship 

TUE.| 06-14-22 | SPORTS

     On Tuesday, May 10, sophomore Luke Mosley led the Rose golf team to a state championship victory. 

     Mosley has been playing golf for five years and has played for Rose the two years he has been here. Mosley is a part of the Tar Heel youth association as well as the Carolinas Golf association, which help him improve his game outside of Rose. 

     Mosley enjoys playing golf and he practices every day. He also enjoys spending time with his friends and teammates on the course. 

     “[Golf is] relaxing and fun to play with friends,” Mosley said. 

     Within the two years that Mosley has been a part of  the Rose team, he has had the 



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opportunity to play alongside other players who are committed to go to college. Mosley uses this to better his game by playing with tougher competition.

     “[Playing with college golfers] gives you more competition and can make you play better,” Mosley said. 

     As a sophomore on the golf team, Mosley needs to be significantly better than the juniors and seniors if he wants the opportunity to play over them. 

     “You have to show [the coaches] that you are better than the [juniors and seniors] or you probably won't get a chance to play,” Mosley said. 

     Mosley tries to have fun on the course while also working on his craft and perfecting his skills. Nearly every day, Mosley is on the course practicing to get better. 

     “I just try to have a positive attitude and play good,” Mosley said. 

     The Rose team is very supportive of each other because they all wanted to see one another succeed and win a state title. Mosley is very uplifting and positive while on the course.

     “We have a good time while also helping each other get better,” Mosley said. 

     For the majority of the year, senior Cam Hardison was the leader of the team. As the only upperclassman, Hardison had to step up and be a positive influence for the underclassmen on the team. 

     Hardison tries to set a good example for the team by practicing and working hard.

     “I putt for 30 minutes and hit balls for about 10 or 20 minutes,” Hardison said. 

     The Rose team has had plenty of fun and enjoyable moments from this season, but Hardison describes winning the state championship as the best moment of the year.

     “Winning states and finding out on the last hole that we won [was my favorite memory],” Hardison said.

     Both Hardison and Mosley contributed greatly to the Rampants’ success, and they both have plans of continuing their golf careers at the collegiate level. Hardison is already committed to Barton University, but his dream school is the University of Alabama. Mosley hopes to continue his athletic success at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill or North Carolina State University.

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