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Mosley and Guidry drive to the next level 

WED.| 3-1-23 | SPORTS

     After coming off of a state championship win, the Rose men’s golf team’s success has continued. Juniors Luke Mosley and Will Guidry have both recently committed to division one colleges to further their athletic and academic careers. Guidry will be playing at the University of North Carolina Greensboro (UNCG) and Mosley will be at East Carolina University (ECU). 

     Mosley and Guidry have been playing on the Rose men’s golf team since their freshman year. They both not only play golf for Rose, but compete in many junior golf tournaments year-round. However, playing golf for Rose has had an influence on both of their overall golf careers by making them better teammates.

     Golf tournaments outside of school are more individualized, therefore, Mosley has learned a lot 

mose and guid.PNG

Graphic by Elliot Flinchbaugh

about playing golf on a team through Rose. 

     “Rose golf has impacted my golf career by helping me enjoy the game and get better with other good players,” Mosley said.

     Guidry has benefited from Rose golf by practicing teamwork and being encouraged by his teammates. 

     “My teammates at Rose have really pushed me to become a better golfer and I feel that I do the same for them; we all work hard to make ourselves and each other better,” Guidry said. 

     Both players decided in middle school that they wanted to play at the collegiate level, but the recruitment process did not begin until midway through high school.

     “In golf, you are not allowed to be recruited until you have completed your sophomore year of high school, so that is when it officially starts for all golfers,” Guidry said. 

     Mosley believes this process went well, yet he did experience one struggle.

     “I really struggled with picking a college because I am still only a junior and it was a hard decision on whether to stay close to home or go somewhere further away,” Mosley said.

      As Mosley struggled with deciding if he wanted to go to college close to home, Guidry struggled more with finding the most ideal college for him personally.

     “The hardest part of the recruitment process is finding a program that you fit in well with and I feel that I was very lucky because I was able to find a place that had exactly what I wanted,” Guidry said. 

     Guidry and Mosley both contacted multiple schools they were interested in to see what their options were. 

     “I reached out to a bunch of schools a while back, but I’ve only kept in touch with a few schools the last year or so,” Mosley said. 

     Mosley was impressed with ECU after visiting and connecting with their players and coaches.

     “I really like the coach and the players that are coming in the year before me and ECU is just a good school and has a lot of different things to offer,” Mosley said. 

     After visiting UNCG, Guidry was sure he wanted to go there because of the interest the coaches expressed in him. 

     “The coaches, players, and athletic advisors were all very helpful and strongly expressed that they wanted me to be a part of their school and golf program,” Guidry said. 

     Not only was Mosley excited to receive an offer from ECU, he was also very surprised.

     “I was excited to tell my family and I was pretty surprised by it because it was kind of random,” Mosley said.           Despite the fact that they are only juniors, they have both set goals for when they compete at the collegiate level. Guidry has set not only team goals, but personal goals for himself.

     “I want to grow as a player and be a leader on the team and ultimately win a national championship,” Guidry said.

     Mosley and Guidry are both looking forward to their collegiate futures as they get to continue to pursue their passion.

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