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September 27th, 2019

Morgan sings his way into southern regionals

FRI. | 02-11-22 | NEWS

     The American Choral Directors Association (ACDA) is an organization that promotes excellence in the field of choral music. Each year, members of the organization select a group of students to become a part of the National Honors Chorus. The 2022 Southern Region Conference will be held in Raleigh on Sunday, Feb. 23 through Wednesday, Feb. 26 at the Duke Energy Center for the Performing Arts.

     Rose senior Tyler Morgan has been chosen twice to be a part of the National Honors Chorus while also being a part of the chorus at Rose. Morgan has been selected by the ACDA for this year’s advanced National Honors Chorus.

     “The first year I got in was in fifth grade and I have been fortunate enough to get in for the last seven years in a row [and] it’s been great,” Morgan said. “This year I am in the advanced Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass (SATB) Honors Chorus and I’m very excited about that.”

     Rose choral director and ACDA member Stephanie Peo contributes to Morgan’s journey by serving as his sponsor and providing support along the way.

     “The students have to audition, have to be selected from their audition, and their sponsor has to be a member of the ACDA,” Peo said. “He has been selected twice since he’s been with me so it’s two for two.”

     The ACDA has a very selective process for the National Honors Chorus; for every chorus section, roughly 500 people audition for 200 spots. 

     “Every year thousands of people across the country apply for their specific age group in the National Honors

ACDA Graphic.png

Graphic by A'nyia Clemons

Chorus [and] they have it for elementary school kids, middle school kids, and high schoolers,” Morgan said. “What makes me pursue applying for ACDA is to push myself to see if I do stack up with everybody else but also it’s the joy of having companionship with other talented musicians.”

     The ACDA selects their National Honors Chorus by doing blind auditions. Voice recordings are provided by each student and members of the ACDA later come to a decision based on several different musical attributes such as tone quality, dynamics, articulation and interpretation of each song. When selected, Morgan received his music and began the preparation process for the regional conference.

     “We all receive music, it’s about six or seven pieces on average each year and we have rehearsal tracks,” Morgan said. “I spend a considerable amount of time practicing in the lead-up to the event because if you get to the conference and you don’t know your music, they’re going to send you home.”

     The ACDA recommends the highest quality of choral standards literature through the Repertoire and Resource Committees. In return, growth is shown in every division and state chapter throughout the organization.

     “The hardest repertoire that I’ve ever had was either in 2018 when I was in the middle school men's choir or in 2020 when I was in the high school SATB choir because we did some very rigorous pieces that year,” Morgan said. “So while this year’s repertoire hasn’t been the hardest, years past have been.”

     With every year that he has qualified for the National Honors Chorus, Morgan has had the opportunity to travel to many different places across the country to perform with the other selected students. Morgan has traveled to Salt Lake City, Chattanooga, Minneapolis, Louisville, Kansas City and Alabama. 

     “I’m very excited about this year because in years past I’ve had to travel, so I’m very excited that my home state is hosting the event,” Morgan said. “It’s just knowing that you have the honor and that you’re good enough that’s really rewarding.”

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