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Mitchell Tenpenny releases ‘heavy’ new album


     Mitchell Tenpenny is an American country music singer and songwriter from Nashville, Tennessee. Just recently, on Sept. 16, he released a new album called “This is the Heavy'' which included a total of 20 tracks. In the album, Tenpenny shows a different side of himself adding an edge of rock to the more country albums he is known for. Many fans may know him for his single “Drunk me”; another breakup/romance song that set off his career.

     This release is so much more than just some songs put together to make an album; it is a way for Tenpenny to try something different with his lyrics and music as a .


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     This album is different than anything he's ever released and each song has a deeper meaning and story behind it. The album weighs more than anything he’s ever written because of the way he expresses dealing with heartbreak. Tenpenny has always been known for his passionate breakup songs, but the uniqueness of this album is special because his previous albums aren't as deep. Not only are the lyrics that he has put out with this album so intense but so is the beat of the music and instruments in the album. 

     My top favorites of the new album include “Truth About You”, and “Good and Gone”. Each song discusses the hardships of a breakup and Tenpenny's layout of the obstacles in a relationship. I particularly love how upbeat and exciting each one of these songs are and how each song's lyrics are so deep, heartfelt and true to Tenpenny. The album is deeply passionate and emotional, which is new and different for his music. 

     One song in particular that I personally appreciate is the song “Bucket List” which dives deeper into how a relationship can hold you back from doing things in life that you have longed to do. Because the lyrics are so passionate, you can feel for Tenpenny and how he's able to articulate the situations he sings about in the album.         The uniqueness of the album and how different it is from anything Tenpenny has released is special. You can tell that the songs in the album were intentionally written, with specific situations to make it so relatable. In different songs in the album, Tenpenny is able to tap into a more loving side rather than heartbroken for his fans and listeners to see him in a different light.

     As a whole, Tenpenny’s lyrics and intense beat add to why the album is called “This is the Heavy”. The weight that this album holds in heartbreak and romance is unbelievable, and Tenpenny did a great job articulating his lyrics. 

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