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Miller moves towards theatre

WED. |4-12-23| FEATURES

     Rose senior Billy Miller is a member of technical theatre and a very important part of Rose’s upcoming play, “Into the Woods” April 20th-22nd. He has been involved in theatre for more than two years. Miller will be playing as Cinderella’s prince and as an understudy for Jack, another character in the play.

     “I wanted to join theatre because of my friends and how everyone is happy and comfortable with each other,” Miller said. “I wanted to be a part of that.” 

     Miller has been in theatre for quite some 


Photo by London Stox

time now and has created strong bonds with teachers and students that have made the experience great for him. He expresses that he will continue to make new friends and grow his theatre career.

     “If I had to choose, I would choose to further my singing career because Mrs. Peo’s guidance can lead me to reach any and all heights,” Miller said.

     Miller has strong confidence in his vocal abilities and in Rose’s choir director Stephanie Peo’s guidance. He is a singer as well as an actor, but he prefers acting. Miller has been singing since he was in seventh grade and has been acting since he was a sophomore.

     “Billy has come a very long way as a singer since the seventh grade and he has a lovely lyric resonant voice,” Peo said.

     Mrs. Peo has been training Miller since he was in the seventh grade at E. B. Aycock. She is the part time choir director here at Rose. 

     “Theatre has made me feel more comfortable with myself, helped me gain more friends and become friends with new people I never thought I’d be friends with,” Miller said.

     Miller spends all of his time in theatre. He works on his lines during and after school hours. 

     “I am very dedicated to my theatre experience and to making it better for those around me,” Miller said.

     Miller shows his dedication to his experience and the experience of his peers by occasionally staying after school or arriving at school earlier to help his friends and classmates prepare. He has performed in four plays here at Rose, which include ‘Aladdin’, “The Plot, like Gravy, Thickens’, ‘Into the Woods’ and ‘Adams Family’. 

Miller has also played as three lead roles which have been for ‘Aladdin’, ‘Into the Woods’ and ‘The Plot, like Gravy, Thickens’.

     “Theatre has no impact on my other classes, if you are a good student and you pay attention you can get anything done in the time they give,” Miller said.

     Miller is currently taking English IV, choir, technical theatre and African American studies. He has found ways to have a good balance of maintaining his time and work equally. 

     “These people and I have laughed together and cried together,” Miller said. “They are my family.” 

     Miller sincerely cares about his friends in theatre and will continue to grow vocally and professionally. He wishes to become a Financial Advisor for Merrill Lynch but will also continue to work on his acting skills as well.

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