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Mckinsey Burt, Staff Writer

Mckinsey Burt Headshot.jpeg

     Mckinsey Burt is a freshman at Rose who is new to journalism. She has not been assigned to a section in the newspaper yet but is interested in writing for the entertainment or opinion column. Mckinsey hopes to contribute her thoughts and opinions to the newspaper to help keep the students and staff at Rose informed. Another way she stays involved with events at Rose is by being a part of the SGA and FBLA. If school sports continue this year she hopes to play for the Rose softball team. To stay active outside of school she enjoys running and going to the gym frequently. On the weekends, Mckinsey enjoys having game nights with her family and hanging out with her friends. She is eager to be a part of journalism to eventually help her when it comes time to select colleges and make decisions for her future but hopes to make new friends along the way.

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