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Scheffler wins another green jacket

Tues.| 5-14-23 | SPORTS

     Many say that the Masters tournament is the greatest weekend in professional golf year in and year out, but this year was anything but exciting.

     Augusta National is where this tournament is played every year and this course caters to certain golfers’ play styles, while it makes other professionals look like they have never touched a golf club. Many of the players who consistently score well at Augusta were obviously the favorites to win the tournament, but a lot of these players ended up missing the cut and watching the tournament on their couch just as you and I did.

     Jordan Speith is one of the best players when it comes to the Masters. The 2015 Masters champion has placed inside the top ten, in six out of the ten times he has played it. This week was very uncharacteristic for Speith, as he carded back-to-back rounds over par. Rory Mcllroy needs to win the masters for the career grand slam. This is where a player wins all four of the Major championships (Masters, PGA, US Open and British Open). Mcllroy made quick work getting the first three majors, but has hit a brick wall when it comes to the Masters. Everyone and their dad thought that either Mcllroy, or Scheffler would be crowned champion, however, Mcllroy had other plans as he finished tied for 33rd. 

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     Tiger Woods was also a big name as always, but he is as old as the bible and can barely move up a hill. The announcers were acting like he was going to dominate up and win by 25 shots. When asked about his chances in the masters this year, Woods said “If everything comes together I think I can win.” This might be the most generic comment I have ever heard because I'm pretty sure the whole field would think the same thing about themselves. Woods, however, did pretty good for his age, as he made the cut, but he finished dead last of the players that made it to the weekend. Woods is the greatest golfer ever and grew the game like no one else has ever been able to do, but his time is over and he will never win on tour again.

     The one name that stays at the top of the leaderboard in just about every tournament he has played in, is Scottie Scheffler. He won this tournament the day he signed up for it. There was really no one that could have beaten him in this tournament. Scheffler has now won four of the last five tournaments that he has played in. Scheffler won the Bay Hill Classic, then the very next week won the Players Championship. Scheffler then placed second in the tournament after that. If you think that's crazy, he turned around and won the Masters the week after then the Royal Bank of Canada Heritage the week after that. Scottie Scheffler is dominating the tour as no one has seen since Woods in the early 2000s. 

     The Masters was fun to watch as always, but compared to Masters in the past, this was a very ho-hum tournament. As Scheffler probably could have won this tournament with his eyes closed.

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