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Make up time proves beneficial 

MON.| 1-30-23 | OPINION

     Ten unexcused absences are the maximum number of absences that every student at Rose is given, and if this limit is exceeded for any class, there is the consequence of failing. However, as a continuation of last year's option to make up for absences, there is the opportunity to have these absences exempt from the overall total of absences. 

      For this 2022-23 school year, Rose continues to allow the option of the makeup time to take away absences. There are certain dates to sign up for each makeup session. There is a google form used to sign up for the sessions that must be completed by 11:59 p.m. the night before the chosen session to attend that date. The sessions are two hours long, from 3:45 p.m. to 5:45 p.m. Students cannot be late for a session or they will not be allowed to attend. The sessions are held in either the lecture hall or the media center.

opinion make up time .png

Graphic by Sara Scarborough

      Each session counts for the elimination of one absence and the entire session must be attended for the absence to be taken away. The makeup option allows the students that like to previously have their absences taken care of, to go ahead and sign up for a session if desired. Some students have trips planned and this option allows for them to stay on top of the absences and make sure they are under 10 in advance. For example, I had a trip planned for the end of 2022, and I knew that I would go over the number of days so I signed up for a session in the new year before the marking period ends. It was a great option and it allowed me to go on the trip and not stress about my absences. 

      This makeup option is so beneficial for different students who have surpassed the absence limit. Each student is required to be in class for a total of 60 minutes to be counted present for that class. Therefore, if a student has a doctor’s appointment, dentist appointment or is simply late for that class and does not meet the required time, they will receive an absence. Many students at Rose deal with routine appointments for orthodontics or even serious conditions they may have such as Crohn's disease. This is a more serious absence which is due to the students' health, and this is something that they cannot control. One student at Rose dealt with a high number of absences and she could have used this option to have some exempt. 

     The option to makeup these absences takes so much stress away from students. This extra makeup time allows students to work on school work and focus in an environment that is intentionally designed to help Rose students. Some may see that this option could be a reason for students to simply not come to class or skip, but I think that the option is a positive and considerate way to help the students that really need it. The intention is for students not to fail, and have the time to get their work done and I think this option really does that. 

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