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Lilly Seymour, Features Co-Editor


     Lilly Seymour is currently a senior at Rose High School and the Features Editor for Rampant Lines. She is currently in the process of applying to college and so far, has no idea where she is going. Outside of journalism she loves to solve Rubix Cubes, bake cakes, sail, and scuba dive. She also is the Rose Varsity lacrosse’s Goalie and Captain. This is her second semester taking journalism and also her second semester being the Features Editor. Lilly became interested in journalism by learning about it from older students and also by taking Mrs. Hutch’s AP Language and AP Seminar. Through writing research papers and finally beginning to be able to write about things she is truly interested in during AP Seminar, she decided that journalism would be a good way for her to explore different types of writing and be able to expand her skill set. She loves being a Features writer because it allows her to write about any topic that she chooses and is much more personal where you are able to tell a story as compared to News. She also enjoys journalism because it is a very collaborative class and has allowed her to meet very many new people and make lots of new friends. She is excited to continue to write stories that have an impact on people and that are fun and interesting to write. She is also excited to be able to serve as a type of mentor for new students and to help the next generation of Rampant Lines.

What our staff has to say:

“Lilly is the best person to work with you and can make any assignment fun and will always make you laugh.” - member of Rampant Lines

“Lilly is always extremely sweet, on the ball, and an overall great editor to have in Features.”

- member of Rampant Lines

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