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September 27th, 2019

Lee given promotion after six years of teaching

THUR. | 07-28-22 | NEWS

     After six years of teaching and one year as an assistant principal intern, social studies teacher Sam Lee has been promoted to an assistant principal. 

     “I have taught Civics, American History I and American History II,” Lee said. 

     Lee has taught at Rose throughout his entire teaching career and will stay for his administrative career. He first came to Rose while completing his teaching internship and has since taught several classes; he now focuses on teaching Civics. 

     For this new assistant principal role, Lee had to complete a two-year part-time master’s degree program in school administration at East Carolina University and one year as an intern, which he completed during the 2021-2022 school year. 

     “There are certain requirements you must meet, like certain experiences you must have,” Lee said. 

     Some of the experiences required were helping to improve instruction, disciplinary experiences and working with the bus and custodial staff to bring a wide range of experiences from throughout the school to be fully prepared for the new assistant principal position. By completing the required amount of hours and experiences this school year, Lee has been able to receive his principal’s license.

     “The one thing about a regular day as an assistant principal is you just don’t know what it [is] going to hold,” Lee said.

     Lee has learned that within this position, the assistant principals will stay busy and always on  


Photo by Sara Scarborough 

the go. Additionally, Lee will be in charge of certain jobs, such as improving instruction, school culture and school safety. He will also help manage after-school events as well as community events. Lee will continue his support of Refresh and will help support whomever takes over the Reform role.  

     “The primary reason I wanted to go into the administrative position was really to make a difference outside my classroom,” Lee said. 

     Lee moved into this administrative position to be able to work with fellow Rose staff in order to make a school-wide difference. Lee has goals of making Rose the best high school in Pitt County and even North Carolina. 

     “The plan has been a long time coming; I thought about it starting four years ago,” Lee said. 

     Lee has beeing planning on moving up in his role at Rose, but within recent years got caught up with club soccer here in Greenville with the Pitt Greenville Soccer Association (PGSA) and his leading role with Refresh as well as Reform. Then around two years ago, Lee started the educational process.

Since starting his internship, he has been able to learn from the fellow assistant principals at Rose who have been his support team throughout it all by answering any questions Lee has concerning his new role.

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