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Layne Mills, Staff Writer

Layne Mills Headshot.PNG

     Layne Mills is a sophomore at J.H. Rose and is currently a first year staff writer for Rampant Lines! Her inspiration to take journalism was hearing friends and peers talk about being in Journalism and absolutely loving it! In her free time when she is not playing volleyball for Rose or her travel team, she enjoys spending time with her friends, travelling and being outside for any reason. Out of all the places she has travelled, her absolute favorite place has been Positano, Italy. Layne is very excited to get the opportunity to be in Journalism this semester and write for Rampant Lines because she loves reading articles and learning new things. One thing that Layne is looking forward to in her JHR Journalism career is getting to interview others because she enjoys learning new and exciting things about people. While in Journalism, Layne hopes to maintain a better understanding of writing and to use the information given through interviews to develop a strong piece to share with Rampant Lines and with the J.H. Rose community. After this semester, Layne plans to continue her involvement in Journalism through her senior year, and hopes to become an editor!

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