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Last Call Pizza climbs to first choice

MON.| 03-15-21 | FEATURES

     Over the recent years, food trucks have started to make a reappearance in our community, but this family took it to a different level: wood-fired pizza on wheels. Last Call Pizza Co. was started in 2020 by husband and wife Will and Larkins Bell, and her brother Max Joyner III. The business opened on Saturday, Nov. 7 and has been a huge success since the grand opening. Last Call generally opens around 5 P.M. and bakes their pizzas in a wood-fired brick oven until supplies run out, which they almost always do. I decided this Saturday to try it out for myself, and I will be the first one to say that their pizza is like no other. 

     Their menu consists of 12” pizzas where you have the option to either make your own pizza or choose from one of the four specialty pies. The specialty pies consisted of Margherita, Meatlovers, Buffalo Chicken, Jalapeno Popper and for a limited time, dessert pizzas. The specialty pizzas cost $12 and the regular pizzas cost 10$ with an additional $1 charge for every added topping. For my review, I traveled to MPORIUM where the truck was located and I decided to go with the Jalapeno Popper specialty pizza. My acquaintance who tagged along for the ride went with the classic pepperoni pizza, with both of us getting a side of the homemade ranch. We attempted to get a dessert pie to go with our pizza, but they were already clean out of them by the time we arrived and placed our order. 

     The wait was about 15 minutes from the time we ordered


Photo by Davis Hartz

ahead of us. The pizza seemed as if it was fresh out of the brick oven when we arrived back at the house. The box served its purpose and kept the pizza warm for the duration of the car ride home. The size of the pizza was pretty on point with the 12 inches listed on the website, and it held to be plenty for one person, as I had two slices leftover. 

     For the pizza itself, you could definitely tell it was handmade dough cooked in a brick oven because of the certain flare-up marks on the crust, something that comes with every brick oven-style pizza.  The handmade dough was cooked to perfection, holding the perfect amount of crunch without tasting burnt. The tomato sauce was most definitely fresh, and spread to perfection. As for the toppings, they added a good amount of cheese, but I always like it a little bit more than most people. The Jalapeno Popper pizza was cooked with bacon and fresh jalapenos with buffalo sauce and olive drizzle spiraled on top. All the toppings were fresh and spread evenly throughout the pizza. The pizza was cut nicely with easy-to-pull slices, and it was neither too crunchy nor too soft. 

     My overall experience with Last Call Pizza Co. on Saturday, Feb. 20 was one for the books. I would definitely recommend this food truck to anyone looking for an alternative to fast food, but make sure you get there early or you may not get anything, as they seem to sell out quickly. If I were to give the pizza a rating, I would give it an overall 9.3/10. The wood-fired pizza on wheels will definitely make a name for itself in the coming months in Greenville, NC, and I will definitely be making a return soon.

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