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krainiak's return sets up volleyball sucess

MON.| 10-17-22 | SPORTS

     After a one year hiatus, Kelley Kraniak has returned as the head volleyball coach at Rose. Krainiak has made it known that volleyball is a huge part of her life and always has been. She has been coaching volleyball for 15 years and currently serves as the executive director at East Carolina Junior Volleyball Club (ECJVC) here in Greenville and a third-year head coach at Rose.

     Kraniak made her debut at Rose during the 2019-2020 school year


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Photo by Forbes Hall 

 and continued the next year as well. She decided to step down during the 2021-2022 season for multiple reasons but the main ones being the commitment of time and stress. 

     “The time commitment here plus directing was overwhelming, I have a five year old and a three year old so it was a lot to manage,” Krainiak said. 

     After a year off, she just couldn't stay away, especially knowing the talent of the team this season. Every high school team has the same end goal, which is to win a state championship. This year the Rose volleyball team has five D1 commits which means a lot of talent. This type of talent along with young junior stars made it hard for Krainiak to turn down the offer. 

     “I knew the potential makeup of the team and it was very exciting for me to jump back in with this group,” Krainiak said.

     Having been in the business for 15 years, Krainiak is no stranger to the different styles of coaching in volleyball. Since ECJVC and high school levels of skill are quite different, she has had to adapt and figure out what is best for Rose volleyball in particular.

     “The competitive level can change on a daily basis for high school so it's a different way of coaching,” Krainiak said.

     Since her comeback, Krainiak has learned something new each year that she has taken into consideration to apply and execute this season in order to become a better coach. 

     [I learned that I needed to] chill out, because it's all good, [I don't need to] get wrapped up in the rivalries because then I get reeled into the kids' emotions and I want it so bad for them that I overexerted my energy,” Krainiak said.

     Krainiak has changed and improved from year to year as well as the team as a whole. Since coming back Krainiak has noticed a skill that she considers the strength of the team this year that cannot be taught in any way, shape, or form. 

     “[The biggest improvement from the previous years to now is] mental toughness and the ability to stay consistent and keep up the same energy,” Krainiak said. 

     With the right mentality and the willingness to put in the work, Krainiak hopes to be able to lead the team to the state championship title. 

     “I plan to take the team to the state championship this year by training hard in practices, regardless of the competition,” said Krainiak. “We will continue to work the things that we need to on our side to be ready to face those tough competitions at the end.”

     Krainiaks coaching and the amount of time and work she and the team have put in and will continue to put in will allow them to keep inching closer and closer to that ring one day at a time. 

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