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Kinsley Tate White, Staff Writer

Kinsley Tate headshot.jpg

     Kinsley Tate White has loved to write for as long as she can remember, but writing for Rampant Lines has given her the first chance to write in a journalism style. Outside of school, she is involved in several sports including golf, swimming, track, and beach volleyball. Watersports, especially slalom skiing, wakesurfing, and wakeboarding, are another activity that she loves to participate in. Kinsley Tate has a passion for animals and reading, both of which take up most of her free time outside of curricular activities and sports. The thing that she loves most about being a student journalist is that she has the opportunity to reach out to the student body as a whole, particularly through educating and informing peers on important issues. She loves the hands-on aspect of the role, especially the chance that she has to impact the people in her school community. Through her contributions as a student journalist, she hopes to be able to provide relevant and accurate information to the student body, while retaining integrity as a writer in the process. She also hopes to develop her writing skills as much as she can to provide the best content possible. Even though she has not been a part of Rampant Lines for very long, she already enjoys being involved in this amazing media source.

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