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Kanye West cancels his own reputation


     Musician Kanye West is one of the most popular celebrities in America today. From his music career to his downright confusing personality, people have seemingly been obsessed with him for years. However, I believe that it is harmful to hold someone like West in such a high regard.

     Firstly, West has made many harmful comments about other celebrities. After his divorce with Kim Kardashian, he bashed her parenting abilities multiple times on social media. He also threatened “Saturday Night Live” actor Pete Davidson, who is now dating Kardashian, after the divorce. He has also verbally attacked Jay-Z, Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Wiz Khalifa, Billie Eilish, Kid Cudi, Kris Jenner and George W. Bush. I can understand not getting along with everyone, but that is ridiculous. You also do not have to publicly attack any person you vaguely don’t like. 

     West has publicly verbally assaulted not only celebrities, but also historical figures. He criticized Harriet Tubman, saying she “never actually freed the slaves; she just had them work for other white people.” This is profoundly incorrect. Tubman is best known for escaping slavery, helping to free other African Americans from slavery and aiding the Union in the Civil War. She is remembered… for freeing slaves. 


Graphic by Harry Albritton

     West has also said many offensive things. During one of his concerts, he asked the audience to stand. A man in a wheelchair did not, so West refused to perform until he did. He held up his own concert because someone who physically could not stand, didn’t stand. 

     Not only has he been blatantly ableist; he has also supported many celebrities and political figures who have been proven, legally, to be horrible people. He has said both Bill Cosby and R. Kelly were innocent. Both celebrities have been legally charged with sexual assault on multiple accounts.

     He also said at one point that slavery was a choice… yes, a choice. He claimed that because it lasted 400 years, it was the slaves’ fault for not changing it. I tend to believe that if there is a country-dividing civil war over something, it’s not just a choice that could be easily fixed. I also don’t think that with 400 years of oppression, it would be very easy to just change it, especially when you have little to no outside support system. 

     West is also delusional. He has compared himself to Jesus, even titling one of his albums “Yeezus,” and he ran for president. It takes a seriously self-obsessed person to compare yourself to a religious deity, or run for president with absolutely zero qualifications, let alone do both. That only goes to show how much his ego has grown over the years. 

     In conclusion, I think Kanye West is a terrible person. I do not see how anyone can support a person like him. Holding him as highly as he is in the public light only serves to boost his already overinflated ego. It can only do more harm to continue giving him the massive platform he has. 

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