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Kanye continuously caught up in crazy drama


     It is undeniable that Ye, the artist formerly known as Kanye West, is one of the most influential artists of this century. Albums like “The College Dropout”, “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” and his collaboration with fellow rapper Jay Z “Watch the Throne” are beyond legendary. However, it’s safe to say nothing has been more difficult than being a Ye fan in the last four to five years.

      Throughout his career, Ye has been involved in a lot of drama. One of the most significant encounters with Ye’s craziness was with the infamous Taylor Swift incident at the 2009 Video Music Awards. Looking back, this was the start of Ye's great social downfall, in which numerous controversies have followed.

     In 2016, he posted himself in a MAGA hat, showing his support for former president Donald Trump. Ye’s open support surprised me because Trump’s beliefs were different from what Ye believed in before.

     In this past year, Ye was the subject of several incidents,


Graphic by Darren Powell

such as his beef with Drake, Kid Cudi and Pete Davidson. The most disappointing argument affiliated with Ye was between him and Cudi on Instagram. Ye has had a number of notable collabs with Cudi, including "Kids See Ghosts" in 2018. He removed Cudi’s features from his “Donda” album because he was affiliated with Pete Davidson. Eventually Kid Cudi announced that he and Ye were no longer friends, and they would not be making any more music together. It hurt me to see such a great pair break up like that.

     After these incidents, Ye had taken a long break from social media, but recently he’s returned to Twitter and Instagram, and his posts are worse than ever before.

     He first came back ranting about the directors of GAP regarding his designs for his clothing brand Yeezy. Soon after, the Yeezy/GAP collaboration ended, and he ranted about that as well. He has posted some vulgar threats to the directors of GAP. However, one of GAP’s directors responded by exposing him for his actions and called him out for using late fashion designer, Virgil Abloh’s name for media attention.

     The controversy died down after the GAP situation was finished, but then resurfaced after he was seen wearing a “white lives matter” shirt at one of his fashion shows a few weeks ago.

     After receiving heavy backlash for that, he came back to social media to defend himself. Instead of explaining his actions, he picked arguments with people. He also posted multiple screenshots of his text conversations with vulgar captions. 

     Ye crossed a line when he began to post anti-semitic tweets, stating that he would go “death con 3” on Jewish people. He defended himself by saying that he couldn’t be ani-semitic because “black people are actually Jew also.” That tweet immediately received backlash from everyone, including his fans. I won’t be able to view Ye the same after what he said. As a result of those tweets, he was suspended on Instagram and Twitter. The tweet has since been deleted.     

     Ye defenders might mention his bipolar disorder in his defense, but I think that this underlying disorder doesn’t excuse his actions. Fans of Ye are disappointed in his actions. His child-like banters on social media have destroyed his reputation and his relationship with many other artists. It was bad when he tarnished his relationship with Kid Cudi, but the anti-semitic tweets were an all-new low for him. It is painful to witness someone with as much talent as Ye destroy himself. All his fans can hope for is that he seeks professional help.

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