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JV football breaks scoreboard 

TUES.| 09-27-22 | SPORTS

     Tevin Council, a standout sophomore running back for the Rose JV football team recaps a monster offensive performance putting up over 80 points.

     Being a running back means being a key player on offense, as well as being leader, and Council feels that he fits the role well.

     “I feel like I am a leader,” Council said. “It is my job to make sure that everyone is straight.”

     Football has made a huge impact on Council’s life. He has


Photo by Matthew Rushing 

leaned on football during the tough times and loved it during the good times.

     “It helps me get my mind off certain things,” Council said.

     A running back is the player that lines up behind the quarterback on the offensive side of the ball. Typically all they do is block and run, but occasionally they will catch passes. A good running back has the ability to be very versatile.

     “We are a good team,” Council said. “You need somebody to run the rock though.” 

     Even though they scored 84 points, Council felt like it was just any other game. The locker room atmosphere, and the day felt pretty routine.

     “It didn't really feel any different than other games we have played,” Council said. 

     Scoring this many points, for a lot of teams, would be a fluke performance. Council thinks otherwise about his squad

     “I feel like we deserved that,” Council said. “We worked very hard that whole week of practice.”

     Scoring this many points can boost your confidence to the sky. Sometimes that can be a bad thing. Council makes it clear that they have to keep a level head looking ahead.

     “Putting up 84 points can be a huge confidence booster,” Council said. “But we got to make sure we stay humble and don't let our emotions get the best of us.”

     When you are able to score this many points and see what you are capable of, it can be a huge motivation to keep working hard and keep getting better. Council feels that with every time they are on the field it is a chance to get better.

     “It is good motivation, but we need to make sure we stay together, keep working hard,” Council said. “We have got to always be getting better on the field.”

     84 points is a lot, but Council thinks if everything is working on offense this will not be the only time this happens.

     The Rose JV football team is currently 5-0 with their most recent win being a 44-12 victory against South Central. Council and The team look to further their win streak on Sept. 29 against Northside.

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