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Johnson takes seat as new Rose registrar

FRI. |2-23-23| FEATURES

     After 19 consecutive years of Pam Taft holding the position of Rose’s registrar, Keshia Johnson has recently taken the role as Taft has retired. Although that might seem like an overwhelming position to take on, Johnson is confident that she will be able to be the best asset she can be to Rose.

     “It is a pretty big space to fill since Mrs. Pam was everything to everyone and I know that I am different from her and she is different from me, but I still care about everyone and I hope people feel the same with 

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Photo by Virginia Blount

me when we interact,” Johnson said.

     Johnson has been working at Rose alongside Taft since September where she has learned a lot while also getting used to the Rose community.

     “Mrs. Taft has given me some really good advice and pointers, we have talked about different things and introduced me to people,” Johnson said.

     Johnson has previously been a registrar at other high schools and colleges, making her feel a little more prepared as she is transitioning schools. Johnson felt that Rose would be a better fit for her as she had to commute over an hour to her previous job for the past five years. 

Not only is Rose closer to home for Johnson, but her husband and her daughter are both graduates from Rose, making her a little more comfortable joining the Rose community.

     “Rose is actually where I am based, like this is where my home is,” Johnson said. “ I was commuting for five years an hour and twenty minutes one way, so to be a little bit closer to home was better for me.”

     A registrar holds a lot of responsibility as they are in charge of maintaining accurate student records and course data. They also gather information about students to present to colleges or even other high schools. 

     “Important skills a registrar should have is patience, organizational skills are a must, but also remembering what it is like to be a teenager especially when you're on the cusp of still being a kid but about to be an adult while trying to help them understand how to organize and how to handle the adjustment,” Johnson said. 

     Not every student at Rose will interact face-to-face with Johnson very often, but little do they know, she holds a lot of responsibility especially when it comes to validating records or even when a student is trying to get their permit or license. 

     “I answer requests for records and that could be from any school in North Carolina to any school out of state or even colleges, completion of disability forms, social security administration forms, while also assisting teachers to help to get in contact with parents,” Johnson said.

     Johnson is tasked daily with going through students' information while sorting through various different sources to obtain accurate data regarding forms, transcripts, and records. One of Johnson's goals, as she holds this position at Rose, is to be more technologically advanced in order to be more efficient.

    “I want us to be more electronic friendly as far as requests go,...just to make it a little bit easier for students and parents when trying to get accurate information,” Johnson said. 

      While Johnson is held accountable for authenticating over 1,300 students' information, she feels that sometimes her job can become overwhelming and pressuring.

     “It can be stressful but the thing about it is that you have to remember it's always one thing at a time, be methodical in how you approach your work, and that way everything can stay organized and you won't miss anything,” Johnson said. 

     Aside from Johnson's busy job as a registrar, she is active in many extra activities in order to maintain a healthy life-work balance. 

     “I am a member of Sigma Gamma Rho sorority incorporated, I openly participate in the graduate chapter here in Greenville, I am also a Shriner and we are a community service-based organization, I am a member of the Order of the Eastern Star organization, plus I am very active in my church,” Johnson said. 

     Johnson prioritizes guiding all of the students and teachers she interacts with daily and helping them in the best way she can. Johnson is also excited to continue her career as a registrar and is thankful for the welcoming Rose community.

     “Some advice I would give to my students is to learn as much as you can, always be receptive to constructive criticism and make the best choices for you,” Johnson said.

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