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Jake Bradsher, Opinion Editor

Jake Bradsher_edited.jpg

Jake Bradsher is a junior at Rose and this is his second semester of journalism. Jake has many hobbies, being very interested in art, music, and photography. He plays piano for the jazz band at Rose and is part of the National Art Honors Society. He wrote for the entertainment and opinion section last year, and is now the opinion editor. He enjoys writing about shows and movies the most. Jake has had two of his older siblings attend Rose before him. One of them, his brother Ben, had many classes with Mrs. Hutchinson in years prior. He was also the opinion editor for the newspaper, so Jake is carrying on his legacy in a way. Jake has always enjoyed English and writing. His mom is an author so he grew up around books and writing. In college he is considering doing a major involving either art, music, or English, so journalism is a great experience for him and he loves the close-knit community of the class.

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