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Jack Vick, Sports Co-Editor


     Jack Vick began journalism last year as a staff writer for sports and learned that he loved to write. He especially enjoyed the process of interviewing people and turning that interview into an article. Though he doesn’t have much background in the journalistic style, he has always pictured himself as a good writer, especially after learning to write research papers in AP seminar last year. His general interests include most every sport. He likes to stay up to date with the current sports and enjoys learning about certain players who he deems interesting. He also loves to play sports such as golf and basketball. Jack enjoys hanging out with friends and cooking for my family. His favorite thing about being a student journalist is being able to know what’s going on around campus. He feels like he knows most everything important that happens here at Rose given the fact it is discussed everyday in journalism class. Jack’s goal this year as a student journalist is to increase his ability to adapt given the changes COVID-19 has brought. He hopes to make entertaining content that anyone can access and enjoy.

October 12, 2020

Features Co-Editor Lilly Seymour interviewed Sports Editor Jack Vick as he golfed.

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