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Ingram checks out on high school lacrosse

WED. | 05-25-22 | SPORTS

     Rose senior Sarah Ingram recently announced her commitment to North Carolina Wesleyan University in Rocky Mount. Her ability to receive the ball and set up the offense as an attacker has led the Rose women's lacrosse team to their first ever playoff tournament. 

     Rose has had such a big impact on her lacrosse career from the beginning and led her to this point. When she was young, she had no intentions to even play the sport. 

“If you would have asked me 6 years ago, I probably would 

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have still said I want to be a dancer or a gymnast,” Ingram said. “I just wasn't really that into it until high school, and I didn’t think I would go to the next level.”

     It all started when Wall became head coach for the women’s lacrosse team. She changed the whole dynamic of the team and helped Ingram fall in love with the sport and want to take the next step.

     “When the new coach, Coach Cellie, came and the perspective at practice changed, it was really positive,” Ingram said. “I like how it's all a family, and I would love to have something like that in college.”

     Not only did her parents and Wall help to encourage and inspire her; her teammate Taylor Padgett, who is an East Carolina lacrosse commit, has also helped Ingram push herself to be a better person and player every day at practice. 

     “One person I really look up to on the team is Taylor Padgett,” Ingram said. “She is an amazing player, and watching her every day at practice and just getting to be around her and see how she does stuff is truly inspiring.” 

     Rose will play their first round of playoffs on May 5, at Apex Friendship. Ingram has a simple plan of attack to try and push through to get her and her team to the next round. 

     “Every single game, I want us to leave it all out there and be confident,” Ingram said. “We can't hesitate.”

      Ingram is going to take this strategy with her all the way to Wesleyan next year. She chose Wesleyan for a number of different reasons, but the main one was the head coach; Bridgett Walker. 

      “It really came down to character and how long she has been at the school, because it really shows you how much she actually cares about the program, and that's someone that I want to be my coach,” Ingram said.

      Making the transition from high school to college can be extremely stressful and difficult, but Ingram is excited that she will have a team that will be waiting for her right when she gets there.

      “I am looking forward to meeting a new team of lacrosse players, and it will be a fun experience to play with new people and have a family right when I go into college,” Ingram said.

      During her visit to Wesleyan, she immediately fell in love with the team and could tell she was going to fit right in with the atmosphere that she saw.

      "My favorite part is probably the atmosphere,” Ingram said. “I really could tell that it's going to be a close knit community, and I'm really excited because I feel like things hold me accountable.”

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