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September 27th, 2019

TikTok’s Hype House looks to establish reality TV show

TUES. | 06-01-21 | ENT

     Netflix recently announced that the popular group of creators on TikTok known as the Hype House will be receiving their own reality TV show on Netflix. All of the members in this group started with a small following on TikTok before becoming the largest creators after they posted videos that showed their unique personalities and skills to the world.

     If you don’t already know, the Hype House is a very diverse group of creators that entertain people in many different ways. The group of young people reminds me of Jake Paul’s Team 10 and David Dobrik‘s vlog squad in a way. Netflix has already confirmed that hype house members Kouvr Annon, Nikita Dragun, Larry Merritt, Thomas Petru, Alex Warren, Jack Wright, Sienna Mae Gomez, and Chase Hudson will all be featured on the new reality TV show.
     The Hype House is not only a catchy name for the group of famous TikTokers, but it is also an actual house in Los Angeles where dozens of TikTokers live and visit. This mansion is located in LA and has a giant backyard, pool, kitchen, and is actually pretty bare on the inside without a lot of furniture. The spacious house allows the TikTokers plenty of room to do their dancing and make other entertaining videos for the Hype House account with almost 

TikTok’s Hype House looks to establish r

Graphic by Murphy Fisher

20 million followers.

     The Hype House was founded in December of 2019 by Chase Hudson and YouTube star Thomas Petru. The original members of the house were very different from ones that will be on the reality show. Overnight star who got her start on TikTok Charli D’Amelio and her sister Dixie used to be crucial members of this group. After much drama and many lawsuits, the D’Amelio sisters decided to step away from the Hype House group and separate themselves. The girls said they just wanted to have fun but being in the house felt like it was becoming more of a business. Although they still remain friends with many of the members in the house, all the drama was too much for them so they decided to leave the group completely. Honestly, I think the hype house would be more popular if Charlie and Dixie wouldn't have left. 

     You might think that TikTok viewers would be very excited to hear this news and eager to watch the show, but in reality, Netflix has been receiving much backlash on their TikTok page from people all around the world. There have been comments from people on how they don’t really wanna watch the Hype House have their own shows and watch much rather have had Netflix keep on the shows they loved. If you take a look at the comment section on any of the new videos on Netflix or the Hype House TikTok account, you are likely to find thousands of comments of angry teenagers asking for the show to be cancelled. I don't like when my favorite shows are taken off of Netflix, especially if they are going to be replaced by a reality TV show about the Hype House. I agree with all the angry teens on TikTok that think the show should be cancelled. The Hype House became popular on TikTok and I think that's where it should stay. 

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