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September 27th, 2019

Holiday break brings end of semester

FRI. | 12-11-20 | NEWS

SAT. | 10-10-20 | NEWS

     The fall semester is coming to a close which means it is time for final exams. Due to COVID-19 the exam schedule has been modified this year to accommodate the semester changes.

     “The Pitt County District will be administering the EOC and CTE final exams December 16-18,” student counselor Christa Monroe said.

     Students in any of the 19 Career and Technical Education (CTE) classes or classes that require an EOC (English II, Biology, Math I, and Math II), will be required to take the exams during exam week. The exam week will begin this Monday, Dec. 14, with exams lasting from Wednesday, Dec. 16 to Friday, Dec. 18. The modified exam bell schedule will be altered to fit exams, and will be posted on the Rose website in the near future. Teachers are not authorized to release new material during the week of exams. 

     This year, students not enrolled in CTE or EOC classes will not have to take an exam.

     “We will not be giving NCFE (North Carolina Final Exams) this year,” Monroe said. “If the teacher wants to administer a comprehensive test, that has to be administered before exams and will only count in marking period three grades.”

     Virtual students taking exams are required to do so in-person. For the safety of students and staff, administrators and a few Rose teachers will be present to ensure social distancing takes place while students are testing. Rooms will have a certain number of capacity, limiting the amount of students in one room during exams to ensure social distancing. 

     For students who will not be taking any exams, exam week will be used for catching up on past assignments. Friday, Dec. 18 will not only be the last day of exams, but also the last day of the first semester, as well as the last day before winter break. Students will be starting the spring semester when they return on Wednesday, Jan. 6. 

     Any students who miss any of their exams will have Friday, Dec. 18 as a designated make-up day. Both EOC and CTE exams will be 20% of students' final grade, which will be averaged with first, second and third marking periods. Wednesday, Dec. 16 will be the EOC English II and Math I exams, and Thursday, Dec. 17 will be the EOC Biology and Math III exams. Students should check the Rose website for information concerning what subject CTE exams will be administered each day.

     COVID-19 positive students quarantined at home will not be able to attend exams on campus with the rest of their class, unless they are negative by Friday, Dec. 18. They will then have the opportunity to make up their exams. In instances where a student is positive the entire week of exams, the school will directly communicate with these students according to their situation.


Initial headway and support for this initiative began with an increase in the amount of dual enrolled students who also attend Pitt Community College.

     “They had talked about changing our schedule so that we were more in-line with Pitt Community College,” student counselor Martha Dudley said.

     Although Rose had no intentions of beginning this change in schedule until next school year, staff decided to push forward with the new schedule.

     “I think having that lap of time between instruction over winter break would probably have more of an affect than going ahead and having it done before you get out,” Dudley said. “Hopefully it’ll improve [grades].”

     Because COVID-19 has initiated a few modifications to the exam schedule, staff and teachers are advising students to prepare for their exams even more amidst the circumstances.

     “Nothing for preparing for exams has changed,” Dudley said. “Studying, getting a good night's sleep, eating that morning, dressing comfortably and being prepared are all things that should be well ingrained in our students by this point.” 

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